THE Dream Team stock market can be a cruel mistress.

If you stubbornly stick by an out-of-form player then the situation can spiral out of control rather quickly as their price drops week after week.

Here are the ten players who have decreased in value the most since Game Week 1…

10 Raheem Sterling (-£0.7m)

Reportedly keen on a move away from Manchester City, the diminutive winger took Euro 2020 by storm but has struggled to make a similar impact in club colours this term.

With just 13 points to his name and minutes on the pitch harder to come by than ever before, Sterling’s price has fallen from £4.5m to £3.8m.

9 Bernd Leno (-£0.7m)

It’s hard to see how the German turns his campaign around now he’s been replaced by Aaron Ramsdale between the sticks at the Emirates – the former Sheffield United custodian is the second-best player in his position at the time of writing having racked up 29 points in double quick time.

Leno was in goal at the start of the season when Arsenal’s results were desperately poor and has a negative total of -1 to show for it.

His price has dropped from £3.5m to £2.8m.

8 Rodrigo (-£0.8m)

It took Leeds until Game Week 7 for them to register their first win of the season after an uncharacteristically stodgy start to the new term.

Marcelo Bielsa has persisted with playing the Spaniard as an attacking midfielder but the experiment hasn’t worked out that well for the Whites, despite Rodrigo’s obvious technical talent.

He’s yet to register a goal involvement or a 7+ rating and a couple of yellow cards means he’s in the red on -2 points – no wonder his value has dipped to £1.7m from £2.5m.

7 Matt Ritchie (-£0.8m)

You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out.

No team have conceded more league goals than Newcastle at this stage and, as a consequence, their defenders are languishing in the realm of minus points – negative six for the Scotsman to be precise.

You may not remember but the Magpies actually finished 13th last season so their players generally started on higher prices than those of Norwich, for example.

Ritchie started at £2.0m but is now worth a measly £1.2m.

6 Federico Fernandez (-£0.8m)

Everything that applies to Ritchie also applies to his Argentine team-mate, who has dropped from £2.5m to £1.7m.

5 Harry Maguire (-£0.8m)

Clean sheets have been hard to come by for Manchester United and their expensive defenders have depreciated as a result.

Ol’ Slabhead is yet to break double figures in terms of points (nine) this season and his modest tally will remain that way while he recovers from injury – at least his price won’t drop further below £3.7m (started at £4.5m).

4 Kasper Schmeichel (-£0.9m)

Leicester haven’t kept a clean sheet in the league since Game Week 1 and they’ve conceded 2+ goals to Burnley, Crystal Palace, West Ham and Brighton.

Usually a solid selection between the sticks for Dream Team bosses, the Foxes’ captain has produced just four points and has paid the price with a painful price decrease from £3.5m to £2.6m – ouch.

3 Luke Shaw (£-0.9m)

Much like Sterling, Man United’s left-back was a hugely popular asset from the get-go after an inspired showing at Euro 2020 but has failed to deliver the goods.

Maguire has taken a big hit but Shaw has suffered the most in terms of value, sliding from £4.0m to £3.1m.

2 James Maddison (-£1.0m)

Leicester’s No10 is just one of two players who have dropped a whole million in price since Game Week 1 after collapsing to £2.5m from £3.5m.

A notable talent at his best and an asset who has provided healthy Dream Team returns when fit in recent years, Maddison hasn’t got going at all this season.

Incredibly, the Foxes’ playmaker is on -1 points ahead of Game Week 8 – perhaps a change of scenery would do him good?

1 Jadon Sancho (-£1.3m)

The former Borussia Dortmund winger is far and away the biggest loser of the Dream Team stock market in 2021/22.

Amid the all the excitement of his high-profile switch to Old Trafford, he was added to the game at £4.5m to reflect his mightily impressive Bundesliga stats but he’s blanked in every outing for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side so far.

Zero points from seven Game Weeks has resulted in his price folding to just £3.2m, a truly devastating loss in a relatively short space of time.

Can Sancho, an undoubtedly gifted youngster, claw his way back from here?

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