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    A self-proclaimed 'hot' mum admitted that she's spent over £20,000 on her looks – including splurging on Botox three weeks after giving birth.

    Jen Ferguson went viral on social media after sharing an insight into being a blonde bombshell and a parent. The mum-of-four boys quickly gained a fanbase of over 200,000 TikTok followers and, at the same time, caught the attention of internet trolls – who target her because of her polished looks.

    But the 32-year-old, from the US, won't let this hold her back. She's determined to maintain her "hot" mum appearance, while still carrying out all her motherly duties.

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    While she was pregnant with her youngest child Atlas, one, the content creator booked in with her aesthetician ready to get her Botox and filler fix after she had given birth. Then after she breastfed for two weeks, she stopped and headed straight to her beauty appointment.

    Jen says her looks have always been important – and will continue to spend money on them. From getting two boobs to reach a 36DD to getting her earlobes cut, she will stop at nothing to look her best.

    Speaking to Daily Star about her looks, the beauty exclusively shared: "I felt like crap my whole pregnancy. I do not like being pregnant. I’ll say it time and time again, I don’t get those mums that are like ‘pregnancy is so beautiful’, it was not beautiful – it was horrible.

    "I mean it’s very special and I’m grateful and I would do it again to have my sweet sweet baby. But me and pregnancy just don’t go together, I need to get my botox, my filler and be able to use makeup and drink my energy drinks and everything else.

    "I scheduled my Botox and filler before I had him, so I scheduled it knowing when he was coming and couldn’t waited to get started on all that stuff and now I’m right back into it.

    "I breastfed for two weeks just to give him some of the healthy stuff but breastfeeding didn’t work because of the plastic surgery because of my boob jobs, I couldn’t produce milk.

    "So I only did two weeks of breastfeeding and I probably got it done within three weeks, I got it booked before I had him. So about three weeks after I had him I was getting it all done again.

    "I am right back on the grind, as soon as I could I went and got botox and filler. Now I’m back into it again, getting my botox and filler consistently."

    Abstaining from Botox and filler wasn't the only struggle Jen faced while pregnant with little Atlas, her second biological child and first baby with partner Stephen Donnelly – who has two children with an ex-partner. Despite being an avid fitness fan, Jen stopped working out every day and cut her sweaty sessions to twice a week.

    She even found that her cravings had altered from enjoying vegetables to "only" wanting carbs. For someone whose brand has been built from being a 'hot' mum and through dedicating her time and money to her appearance, Jen found being pregnant "very hard."

    Despite already sporting a slim figure, the mum – who lives with all four boys – admitted that she still feels a "pressure" regarding her post-partum body a year on. "It was very hard for me," Jen candidly shared when speaking about the change in her aesthetic routine while pregnant.

    "I felt bad about myself because I was gaining weight, I was so sick so I could not work out. I went from working out everyday to working out like two times a week, from loving salads and vegetables to only craving carbs – it was just really hard on me.

    "I ended up gaining 70lbs, but lost it all and then so I have about 8-10lbs to bring me back to what I was. But, I also feel like I looked a little too skinny for a bit of time there. So I’m happy with where I am but there is still pressure here and there, maybe my little belly could be a little tighter."

    On her mission to achieve ultimate hot mum status, Jen has spent thousands on all of her procedures and treatments. She's been regularly getting cosmetic work for six years and doesn't plan to quit any time soon.

    Along with her two boob jobs that boosted her bust from an A cup, she's had her ears operated on and undergoes regular laser hair removal. In particular, Jen says she's got a penchant for needle based treatments and so tops up her botox at least six times a year.

    "I haven’t had much surgery, the only surgery I’ve gotten is two boob jobs," Jen said. "A three year difference in between my boob job because the first ones were recalled so they had to change them out.

    "I also got my nipples smaller which was cool. As far as procedures I’ve got cool sculpting, Botox, filler, a little bit of cheek filler, I get hair extensions, laser hair removal and surgery on my ears for my earring holes that were gauged in the past.

    "That’s pretty much it, I do a lot of the needle stuff like botox and filler – that’s my speciality. I get botox every two to three months and then filler probably everything six months. I’ve been getting it done for six years at least."

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    She continued: "I’ve spent about $17,000(£13,700), and with the boob jobs now we’re looking at £25,000(£20,300)And all the other procedures I’ve got, the cool sculpting, true sculpt, laser hair – that’s every five weeks – lots.

    "I spend a good amount of money on it because it’s worth it to me and that’s why I work hard because I want to be able to continue to get this stuff done forever."

    It appears that this is only the start of Jen's journey to achieve her 'perfect' silhouette and face. Jen is intrigued in getting a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) and liposuction – but is debating on whether she wants to have one more child first with partner Stephen.

    Regardless of the time frame, whether it be soon or after another baby, Jen certainly has a taste for tweaking her body.

    The 'hot' mum said: "I’m thinking of getting some kind of BBL or liposuction of some sort but I might wait a little bit because I may have another kid. If I have another kid, then I’ll wait until after.

    "But if I decide not to then I’m going to go ahead and get some more procedures so I can get to 'perfect'."

    You can find Jen on TikTok here and Instagram here.

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