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For Ukrainians arriving in the UK, jumping onto the UK job market can be daunting – but there are some simple tips to follow. For those arriving in the UK from Ukraine, there are schemes in place to help find homes and get settled – among this finding jobs.

With more than 10 million people displaced by the ongoing war in Ukraine, starting over in a new country can be daunting.

The ease of finding jobs in any country is dependent on the sector, interview process and the number of people looking.

However, the government in the UK has made it easier for Ukrainians to start working, writing on its website: “People arriving in the UK under the Ukraine Family Scheme, or the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme (Homes for Ukraine) will be granted leave to remain in the UK for three years.

“They can live here, work here, and access benefits and public services.”

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If you are a Ukrainian on the hunt for a job in the UK, there are several schemes in place to help get you settled.

However, bear in mind for those who hold professional qualifications, they may need them to be recognised in the UK, if they work in a regulated profession.

One such scheme to help Ukrainians find jobs is run by charity RemoteUkraine.org, which helps pair Ukrainians with the chance to work remotely.

Employers can register any jobs they have available on this platform, and the service is free to use.

There are currently jobs in fields like software, marketing and trade available, with more than 2,500 roles listed.

You can register here to become a candidate and have your profile available to those looking for workers. 

Also looking for Ukrainian workers is a site called Notion, which lists job opportunities reated by Ukrainian Institute London and United For Ukraine volunteers.

The site is regularly updated and currently features a range of roles from tech to languages, finance and even internships.

You can find out more via Notion’s website here.

Ukrainians arriving in the UK also have access to a range of benefits, so if you don’t find a job straight away these can help you.

You can find out more via the Government’s website here.

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