Since Real Housewives of Jersey hit our screens we’ve all been super jealous of Tessa Hartmann’s glittering lifestyle and we can't wait to find out more.

Luckily for us, the Scottish film producer and mum-of-four, 51, is giving OK! VIP club members an exclusive tour of the incredible home, which she shares with her husband Sascha and four children Tessie, 23, Tallia, 21, Johnnie, 15, and 13-year-old Zac. Let's look behind closed doors at her favourite things, including a very revealing piece of art!

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Tessa’s home is bursting with charisma, much like the lady herself.

Each room is the height of modern fashion with shiny wooden floors, books galore and eye-catching art work on almost every wall.

The Glaswegian has more than a few favourite things in her epic home, but she’s picked five of the best to share exclusively with us.

The artwork

Tessa’s husband Sascha is quite the artist and we can see his eye-catching work all over the spacious home.

“He’s just the most incredibly creative person and I love nothing more than walking into the different rooms of my house and seeing his art displayed everywhere,” beams Tessa. “It’s eclectic, it’s brilliant and I love it!”

In the chic dining area we spot a sexy nude painting of a woman who looks strikingly similar to Tessa herself!

“In the hall we’ve a lady in a pair of suspenders, and in the kitchen we’ve got mum naked,” she laughs. “Who doesn’t want to look at a picture of their naked mum when they’re having their breakfast or dinner?”

Chef Tess

Tessa couldn’t be more proud of her eldest daughter, 23-year-old Tessie, works in finance by day and at night whips up delicious meals for her family.

“There’s no question about it, this household is completely dysfunctional and crazy, but it’s held together by the food in our bellies and no, it’s not from me because I can’t cook,” she laughs.

Tessa gives us a sneak peak of her gorgeous cream shaker-style kitchen, where Tessie prepares a meal – beef goulash and saffron risotto for dad Sascha.

A giant clock keeps Tessie cooking on time and a sparkling crystal candelabra adds a little elegance to the kitchen island.

We’ll ignore the cheeky Dominoes boxes tucked behind the stove!

“My gosh Chef Tess is incredible,” she reveals. “She cooks us everything from Italian to French to Scottish dishes and oh my God it is to die for.”

“It might be the reason we’ve all put on about two stone during lockdown!”

We’re all licking our lips, but Tessa says Chef Tess is not for hire!

The books

The Hartmann’s have got their fair share of books under their roof.

Countless shelves are bursting with books on every genre you can think of.

“I love reading but my husband is obsessed with books,” she explains. “History, philosophy, psychology, art, you name it!”

“I have a collection of fashion books, but frankly I think I’m going to have to build a new house just to have his books in place.”

Tessa says books encourage kids to read, and the caring parents have worked hard to peel their children away from technology and engrossed in a good read.

The memory wall

Found in the kitchen, Tessa’s memory wall is filled with pictures of her family from across the years, including her mum, who she lost eight years ago, and her dad, who died two years ago.

“Having pictures of my parents surrounding me in the house makes me feel that they’re constantly with me,” says Tessa. “It’s my favourite place in the house because of all those gorgeous memories.”

The noise

“It’s fair to say you can’t walk into the Hartmann house without being hit by this wave of noise,” she smiles. “Sascha’s on the piano, Zac’s on the drums, Talia’s got the microphone and Johnnie’s on the bass.”

The Hartmann household is built on noise, she says.

“Without music we have no soul and that’s what makes the Hartmann’s tick.”

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