Kim Kardashian is one of the richest reality stars in the world, with over 271 million followers on her social media platform. She is known to keep her followers updated with her outings. Some of her posts intrigued people when she was seen jetting off in a private jet during the pandemic. To celebrate her 40th birthday in style, she chartered a special jet to fly some of her closest family and friends to a private island to party. People got a glimpse inside the luxurious jet with multiple guests onboard, which featured many amenities, unlike those seen in a regular private jet.

From offering comfortable seating for long hauls to keeping the guests entertained with food and drinks, Kim Kardashian’s private jet features every amenity required by the user.

Made For The World’s 2%

To get the birthday celebrations started, Kim Kardashian chartered a Boeing 777-200LR that belongs to the travel company Crystal Cruise. The plane was launched in 2017 and is designed to seat 88 VIP guests, which is the same as a regular commercial that can carry around 350 passengers during a single flight.

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The price of the air cruise remains undisclosed for the 777. The CEO of Crystal Cruise, Edie Rodriguez, has stated that the target demographic for the private jet is the top 2% world’s wealthiest people who can splash money on a trip. According to Simply Flying, the jet is meant for the VIPs who already own their private jets; however, they want to experience a curated and exclusive experience on the plane. As Crystal Cruise has not been operating based on itineraries during the pandemic, the Boeing 777-200LR was available for charter for Kim Kardashian.

Traveling In Complete Luxury

The fittings of the jet have been completed by Greenpoint Technologies, best known for designing interiors in heads-of-state aircraft and business jets. The 88 seats on board can convert into fully flat beds for the guests to get some much-needed rest. Kim and her friends took Instagram to give a tour of the private jet on social media to her millions of followers. The spectacular interior had the fans floored. The Dining Section of the jet had four dining tables arranged with a breakfast bar in the center and bartenders serving drinks at the far end, as noted by Hello Magazine. On the opposite end, tables decorated with flowers were piled with delicious food.

The cabin was a comfortable space with extra legroom for everyone. Guests of all sizes can be comfortable, including Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend Tristan Thompson, who is 6ft 9 and was on board the jet during the time. The videos showed guests kicking off their shoes and relaxing in luxury as they snoozed off after a heavy breakfast, as stated by Mirror.

Every chair was equipped with a white cushion, green pillow, and the words Kim 40 printed on the napkins. In the Entertainment Section, the close family and friends were playing cards and chatting with each other. The plush interior and expensive trip did not go unnoticed by her friends, who commented that it was not normal for any celebrity to do this, except the Kardashians.

The Celebration To Top All Celebrations

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In October 2020, Kim Kardashian took the utmost precaution before giving her family and friends a surprise getaway. As mentioned by Insider, she only took 30 of her family and friends to the Brando Resort in Polynesia, which was exclusively rented for the party. All the guests were tested and quarantined for two weeks before setting foot on the private jet. According to estimates, renting a private island costs $800,000, and with the expenses of the private jet and resort, the 40th birthday party must have cost Kim Kardashian a whopping $2 million.

Kardashian took social media to post the news about her birthday on the private island and detail the safety precautions taken. Guests were seen kayaking, swimming, and enjoying the dance parties at the birthday party. She posted a humble message which detailed how she understood the importance of family during the pandemic and wanted a moment of normalcy with them on the island. The ride back to America was just as comfortable for the family, who had to isolate themselves again for another two weeks after the raging party.

While Kim Kardashian has a billion-dollar net worth, she has still not invested in a private jet. She prefers to charter expensive planes for her vacations and business-related travel. She likes to give her fans a glimpse into her private jets every time she travels and plans to purchase a private jet once she finds the ideal one that suits her needs.

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