A fitness influencer has revealed her "real booty" as she exposed advertisers who "lure people in" with their "perfected" images.

Hayley Madigan, from Portsmouth, took to her Instagram page to share two photos of her rear side-by-side as she explained the "art of the booty pose".

The 31-year-old was seen in the left-hand photo pushing out her hips and tensing her bum so that it appeared bigger while wearing a nude, thong, bodysuit.

While on the right, she held a relaxed posed, where her booty looked visibly smaller.

Captioning the post, Hayley told her 494,000 followers: "The art of the booty pose and how some people lure you in to sell you booty plans when really it’s all in the pose!

"I’ve been training legs for 10 years but my glutes don’t look like the left image unless I really really push my hip out, tense my glutes and twist my back (which hurts btw and I’ve pulled a muscle before doing so).

"My glutes look like the right hand image most of the time because I’m not walking around like a duck arching my back posing 24/7."

She continued: "And as you can see with this particular glute pose, my stretch marks look smoothed out and they appear to have ‘disappeared’ yet they are 100% still there.

"So companies who push stretch mark creams, lotions and potions will also use this type of pose to trick viewers into believing it works!⁣

"So the next time you judge your body based on someone you consider to be ‘body goals’ (I hate that phrase) or from advertisers trying to lure you in – Please remember that their posed and perfected images isn’t their real life."

Fans were loving the body positive post, as it racked up more than 66,000 likes.

One told her: "I can’t tell u how much you have helped me love my body for what it can do and not what it looks like! Thank you!"

While another added: "Thank you for sharing."

A third chimed in: "This is EVERYTHING."

While a fourth gushed: "Your honesty really is the most refreshing thing."

Hayley, who appeared on ITV2 show Survival of the Fittest back in 2018, is known for sharing candid and honest fitness snaps.

She previously urged her followers to be kinder about their bodies as she shared photos of her cellulite.

Hayley told fans: ⁣”I used to be very insecure about my legs and tried my damn hardest to get rid of it of any cellulite. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣“Years I struggled to accept it, it never went even when I was stupidly low body fat, I still had it! Even on stage!”

“So the only way I could accept myself and show the full respect I deserved was to EMBRACE IT.

“⁣And damn, I wish I started sooner.

“Being confident in yourself and showing yourself the love you deserve is the best gift you can give yourself.”

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