Virgil Abloh and his label Off-White™ has come together with the Black queer feminist organizer Trinice McNally once again for a capsule collection titled “I Support All Forms of Love,” which celebrates, raises awareness, and honors LGBTQIA+ and Non-binary activists while also raising funds to support the Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project (BLMP).

As Harper’s Bazaar reports, McNally and Abloh first met following the activists’ interview at a Defend Black Women March where they wore a machete alongside an Off-White™ belt. From there, the two connected, leading onto producing campaign projects such as Off-White™ “I Support Black Women.”

Now, the two are here to support BLMP and the wider LGBTQIA+ and Non-binary community with a two-piece capsule collection comprising a T-shirt — featuring the slogan “I Support All Forms of Love” — and a rainbow iteration of the streetwear imprint’s infamous belt.

In a campaign shot by Neva Wireko and styled by Ian McRae, with hair produced by Latisha Chong, Stevie Huyn on makeup, and Aja Walton sorting nails, we see a diverse group each wearing the aforementioned tee. The white tee is emblazoned with the tagline, which is aptly served in the inclusive colors of the Pride flag, representing the vast spectrum of gender and sexuality.

As the campaign messaging states, “BLMP is a Black Queer and Trans Migrant led independent organization sponsored by the Transgender Law Center, which envisions a world where no one is forced to give up their homeland and where we are free and liberated.” With this in mind, all of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to BLMP, and for those who wish to donate, you can do so here.

For those wanting to purchase the capsule, you can do so on Off-White™’s website now. Both pieces retail for $290 USD.

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