A cinema worker has claimed she often sees couples having sex during screenings.

The 17-year-old posted a video on TikTok to show how she found out randy couples "do the nasty" in the dark.

The eight-second clip sees her zooming in on a television, which pops up CCTV recordings inside eight different screens.

"When people come to the cinema with their sneaky link to do the nasty: We see everything!" she said.

"We also have night vision goggles so we've seen it all!"

Viewers were stunned when they realised how much the workers can see from watching them on cameras.

One said: "I'm more scared about them knowing I take my own food in there."

"Wait they have cameras?" another asked and a third said: "Yeah but you can't see anything from the back."

The staff member replied: "You know other people can see these as well because they are at the screen entrance, not in security room.

"And we have cameras all around, even at the back."

Some pointed out that the camera system was set up to catch people recording movies for privacy protection.

But a viewer said it's an "outdated practice".

"Nobody pirates that way anymore, or they don't have to anyway," he explained. "Most movies are up as 1080p rips days before they release now."

Last week, a video emerged showing a couple having doggy-style inside a church in the city of Bree, Belgium.

The footage led to a police investigation at Sint-Michielskerk Church after it caused outage online.

Ernest Essers, a spokesperson for the church, said he received the video via WhatsApp on October 29 and filmed the incident "exceeded all boundaries of decency, respect, and fairness".

"We want to handle this discreetly, but of course we want it to be followed up. This has overwhelmed us," he added.

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