I pierced my 12-year-old’s nose after going viral on TikTok – the school weren’t happy but I don’t care, it makes her more confident

  • Influencer and body piercer Tink boasts 675,000 followers on TikTok
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An influencer has sparked debate online after she pierced her 12-year-old daughter’s nose at home.  

Tink and her daughter Ruby, from the UK, have amassed over 675,000 TikTok followers by sharing videos of their everyday lives.

Earlier this month, Tink posted a video explaining how her daughter – who is currently in Year Seven at school – had been asking if she could get her nosed pierced.

The mother-and-daughter duo decided that Ruby could get the facial piercing if their video racked up at least 25,000 ‘likes’ on TikTok.

After her mother named the number during the recording, Ruby addressed their followers and said: ‘Come on guys, we have to!’ 

Pictured: Tink and her daughter Ruby boast over 675,000 followers on TikTok. Earlier this month, the star said her 12-year-old could get her nose pierced if their video amassed over 25,000 ‘likes;

Tink ended the video by saying: ‘25,000 likes and I’ll pierce your nose for you. 

‘Disclaimer: I am a qualified body piercer too.’

Later that day, Tink and Ruby’s video surpassed 27,000 likes and now currently boasts over 91,000.

In a follow-up video, Tink said: ‘Remind me to never, ever do something like this again on an app where she is loved so much […]

‘I love you but be nicer to me rather than her. She’s going to have her nose done.’

Staying true to her word, Tink filmed another video the next day showing her piercing Ruby’s nose in their bathroom.

She wrote at the time: ‘70,000 of you wanted me to do it!!!! SO I DID!!!!’

The clip ends with Ruby showing off the simple stud in her nose while her mother danced along to music playing in the background.

After the video surpassed the 25,000 mark, Tink pierced her daughter’s nose in their family bathroom

In a follow-up video, Tink explained how her daughter had asked her to get a nose piercing to help with her confidence 

Although the overwhelming majority of viewers commented to say how much they liked Ruby’s piercing, a few commented on how it might go down at school.

One replied: ‘What will the school say?’

Another gushed: ‘I love you and her! But what about school?’

Meanwhile, a third sarcastically wrote: ‘Wow, what an amazing mum. Not.’ 

Hitting back at trolls, Tink said: ‘If my child has come to me asking to have something done that makes herself feel good about herself, in a place that’s so horrible, that’s why I [did] it.’

As expected, Tink received a phone call from her daughter’s head of year when she returned to school with the piercing.

The mother said in another TikTok: ‘I did get a phone call from the school today, which we knew was going to happen.

‘The teacher did stop Ruby and say they’ve got a no face piercing rule at the school so we need to abide by it.’

As a compromise, the mother agreed that Ruby will wear a small plaster over her piercing for the rest of the term and then have a see-through bar in lieu of a stud next year.

She admitted: ‘We did get told off – we did get a slap on the wrist and she was told that she wasn’t allowed to any lessons until they’d spoken to me.’

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