What’s happening: Tonight, there’s a New Moon in Cancer, creating an emotional vibe that encourages you to dive into your feelings and make deep, meaningful connections with others. On Saturday night, the Moon enters flamboyant Leo, making everything more exciting! Then, Mercury enters moody Cancer on Sunday, urging you to communicate less with words, and more with your actions.

During the week, Mercury and Jupiter hook up on Monday, bringing exciting conversations. On Tuesday, the love planets, Venus (romance) and Mars (libido), connect, making you extra lucky when it comes to, well, getting lucky! And if you’re looking for something super romantic, the connection between the Sun and dreamy Neptune on Thursday is exactly what you need.

What that means for you:


Friday is slow, but Saturday night is a real party, thanks to the Leo Moon lighting up your chart’s romance/sex zone! Even better, Venus and Mars are connecting on Tuesday, activating that same lovely zone. Basically, this is one of the best weeks you could ask for as far as getting lucky goes—just watch out on Thursday. The vibe is suuuuuuper emo and an ex (or multiple exes) might be lurking behind the scenes, stirring shit up!


There are new connections bolting your way this week, Taurus, and they’re all excited to meet you! Many of them are just looking for something casual, or maybe they just wanna be friends, but still—your schedule and DMs are full this weekend! If you’re in the market for something more meaningful, Monday and Thursday are your luckiest days this week. The emotional vibe is perfect for romance, and you can have an amazing week spending time (in or out of bed) with your special someone.


Saturday’s the best day for your love life this weekend—Mercury in your sign is making your pickup lines 🔥, and the Leo Moon makes you feel extra flirty! Expect a low-key Monday, and just ~vibe~. Tuesday’s Venus/Mars conjunction activates you chart’s communication zone, so whether you’re looking for love or just want to fool around with someone sexy, there are tons of people sliding into your DMs looking for action!


Hey, bb. You’ve had it rough lately, I know. Even though its your b-day season, things have felt rather slow—and not in a good way. Luckily, the bleh attitude is lifting away on Sunday, when chatty Mercury enters your sign for the first time in a year. This is big-time extrovert energy. Not only are people more attracted to you, but you’re more confident, too. When it comes to finding love (or someone to just fool around with), cast a wide net, Cancer—this is a lucky transit, and you’re bound to connect with Mx. Right (or Mx. Right-Now) if you put yourself out there!


It’s a real emo ass weekend for you, Leo babe. All of this moody Cancerian astro-weather is taking place in your chart’s twelfth house, which governs the completion of cycles and isolation, so you’re feeling rather, well, isolated! Be warned: Hooking up will defs lead to catching feelings! Good news: On Tuesday, when the love planets, Venus and Mars, are both in your sign. Your libido’s sky-high, and you’re absolutely full of love to share. All you have to do to take advantage of this kick-ass astro-weather is to initiate the kinds of relationships you desire.


Sneaking around and acting secretive is fun, but if you’re acting that way because you’re fooling around with someone you really shouldn’t, expect your secret love affair to blow up this week! If you’re creating a connection with someone, why does it need to be secret? If your current main squeeze isn’t down to commit or put a label on your relationship, you gotta tell them! And if you’re flirting or hooking up with someone on the DL, trying to hide things from your partner, expect them to find out. It’s a wild week, Virgo, but as long as you’re on your best behavior, you’ll be absolutely fine!


I have some bad news for you, bb. This weekend, the pressure at work is getting even more intense, and you’re p. much being forced to put your love life on the back burner. If casual hookups are your thing, Tuesday’s astro-weather is perfect for finding the confidence to hit up your latest Tinder match and have fun fooling around. But if you’re in the mood for something more serious, I wouldn’t place any high expectations on your paramour—they’re almost certainly looking for something casual.


All of this week’s Cancerian astro-weather is keeping you in a pretty good mood, Scorpio! Your chart’s zone of adventure is being activated, so it’s a great time to slide into your crush’s DMs or plan an adventurous date with your S.O. Take a leap of faith, and you can get amazing results this week. Jupiter’s luck is spreading good vibes in your chart’s romance/sex zone, too, making it an especially great time for lovin’ up on your boo—or, if you’re single, hooking up! BTW: If you’ve been waiting to DTR, Tuesday’s the perfect day to start the convo.


Sorry, Sag, but you’re being hit hard by all of this cosmic action going down in moody Cancer. You might feel totally down or absolutely ecstatic, depending on the condition of your love life. If things are solid, you’ll get even closer to your boo, but if your relationship is in baaaad condition, you might get caught in a downward spiral. Allow yourself to express your feels—putting up walls is absolutely not the move rn—but make sure you’re still paying attention to your logical, intellectual side. How can you navigate any potential terror this week? It’s simple—be calm and reasonable, and make sure you’re listening. No matter how bad things are, it’s manageable, as long as you’re able to openly communicate with your partner.


Cancer season = cuffing season for your sign, and there’s tons of amazing astro-weather helping you give your love life a major glow up. This is an especially great week for meeting a new special someone, turning your date into your partner, or even proposing! Doors are opening, new opportunities are coming your way, and big decisions have to be made, Capricorn. Make a move to upgrade your love life. This week can be the start of something new.


Most of this week’s astro-weather is activating your chart’s sixth house, which is the zone of busy work. Gross, I know, but it’s not all bad! Tuesday’s a spectacular day for your love life, because the love planets Venus and Mars are making their first connection in two years, activating your chart’s relationships zone. I’m not saying you’re going to magically discover that your love life has suddenly become ~perfect~, but what I am saying is that you can use this week to meet major milestones in your relationship. Leo season, which is right around the corner, is essentially cuffing season for your sign, so this week’s just a sample of the exciting action that’s coming your way soon!


So, Cancer season is a month where you feel way more lucky in love, but this week really takes the cake. In fact, almost all of this week’s transits are activating your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun, so you can anticipate a romantic, sexy, and exciting time! Go with the flow, have fun, and enjoy any/all of the action that comes your way this week, Pisces. It’s been a rough time for you, and this is the breather than you’ve desperately needed. Enjoy!

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