As a lifestyle guru,Gwyneth Paltrow has popularised many weird and wonderful wellness trends in her time,including jade eggs, climate neutral beds and ice plunges, so it’s no surprise that the Goop founder’s morning routine is a sight to behold.

Ahead of a dinner party held by Goop and jewellery brand Cartier, the 49 year old actress gave fans a glimpse inside her gruelling morning routine and showcased her dedication to the world of health and wellness.

As she sported a nude leotard, the mum-of-two took to her YouTube channel to reveal that she often kick-starts her mornings with an intense workout with personal trainer to the stars, Tracey Anderson.

Once done, Gwyneth treats herself to some alone time in a private sauna where she can be found reading a book and drinking some celery juice. While it may seem a little unconventional, the Shakespeare in Love actress claimed that it leaves her “feeling detoxed, a little lightheaded and very red in the face.”

Not stopping there, Gwyneth continued: “I always followed up with a nice outdoor shower, which is one of my favourite places in the home. My shower is full of clean beauty products.”

As she washed her long blonde locks, the film star opted for some Goop conditioner to revitalise her self-proclaimed “dry chemically treated ex-movie star hair.”

Having rinsed off all of the product, the wellness guru turned to putting together her outfit for the dinner party where she opted for a satin Olivia von Halle pyjama set, bustier top and some incredible Cartier jewellery.

Gwyneth,who has recently spoken about hiring a ‘menopause mentor’, also took the time to reflect on the importance of choosing the right products to use when it comes to achieving the perfect look.

“Beauty products need to do what they say they're going to do and be worth the money and you know make a really noticeable change in your skin,” she said.

After launching her lavish Goop brand in 2008, Gwyneth has become known for her divisive products such as her ‘This Smells Like My Vagina’ and ‘This Smells Like My Orgasm’ candles.

Last Christmas, the star made headlines with heroutlandish gift-guide which featured an entire category dedicated to "Ridiculous-but-awesome" presents.

Filled with bizarre products, the guide featured a $10,500 Chanel sled, a kids play area set for $32,320, and a masterclass where you could make your own Air Jordans, which cost $5,000.

Other highlights included a $33 a month subscription to a 'Psychic School', a garden hose kit for $307, and a smart messaging display worth $3,075.


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