An ex-Primark employee confessed she would often tell a big lie to customers, and now she feels guilty about it.

Caitlin Sinnett gave people an idea of what it was like to work at the popular store for two years by creating a tell-all video on TikTok.

But there is one particular confession that's left people gobsmacked.

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Everyone gets disappointed now and then when trying to find the perfect outfit – it may not be in stock or the store may not have the right size.

More often than not a customer will ask a shopping assistant to check the stock room to see if there are any more, but Caitlin admitted she'd often lie to get out of checking for other sizes.

According to The Mirror, she said: "I'm going to tell you about the secrets of working at Primark since I don't work there anymore.

"If we say we're going to go to the back to check for a size or a certain item for you, we're probably not.

"We're probably standing out the back for a few minutes.

"What I used to do is I actually used to look like I was doing something, which is really really bad.

"If I knew for an exact fact that I knew that item wasn't in stock, and the person wasn't taking no for an answer, I would just walk to the stock room and stand there for a few minutes.

"I'd pretend I'm looking, then walk back and tell you that it's not in stock."

And it isn't the only thing that some retail workers may be keeping from customers, as Caitlin also fessed up to something else too.

She revealed there are a number of unknown details that staff would keep under wraps if shoppers were looking for something very specific.

"We can order things in, but we probably won't tell you that because we literally can't be assed doing so," she added.

"This also goes for calling other shops for sizes – we can do it but we probably won't offer it.

"Don't ask where something is, because we probably won't know as the shop moves around every day to two days, so we know as much as you."


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