A cheeky five-year-old boy was in hot water this week after ordering £647 worth of ice cream on his dad’s UberEats account – and sending it to his parent’s workplace.

The little lad, from Sydney, Australia, was meant to be playing Tetris on the phone when he made the expensive purchase.

He ordered $1,200 (£905) worth of Gelato Messina sweet treats and then sent them to his dad’s office.

The gelato shop has since shared the story on its Instagram account where they documented the huge receipt which listed all of the items the little boy had purchased.

There were sauces, cakes and plenty of ice cream to enjoy.

Apparently, the father didn’t have any idea what had happened until he got a message from Uber saying that his food had been delivered.

And, he wasn’t even working that day so had to drive all the way to work to pick up the expensive haul, reports new.com.au.

The major buy included an entire shopping bag filled with jars of dulce de leche, seven cakes, candles and five bottles of Messina Jersey Milk.

But, the order was reportedly much, much bigger than was shared online.

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The bloke left some of the goodies for his colleagues to enjoy at the fire station while social media users debated what the boy’s punishment should be.

So far it’s not clear if the bloke banned his son from eating the costly ice cream or if he just got a new lock on his mobile phone.

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