SUNSCREEN is very important to help protect your skin from UV rays which can cause pigmentation and when very severe, cancer.

Wanting to get a tan might urge you to put on less sunscreen than you should, but it might not even effect how sunkissed or not you'll get.

Does sunscreen stop you from tanning?

Sunscreen does stop you from tanning to a certain extent.

It is designed to still let a few UV rays through so that you'll be able to tan.

Unlike sunblock, it doesn't contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which stops UV rays from getting through and giving you a tan.

Meanwhile you might notice that you managed to get a brownish colour despite using sunscreen.

However, do not think that just because you didn't burn you didn't do any harm.

While a tan might look nice, it is actually your body responding to UV damage.


How much sunscreen should I use?

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The damage caused to your skin is irreversible and by time it can increase the risk of melanomas and skin cancer.

It's best to apply a routine in which you apply sunscreen before going out, at least first thing in the morning.

You should do so especially while on holiday, even if it might turn out to be a bit cloudy.

UV rays can still pass through the clouds and reach your skin and have the same effect as if you were to get tanned on a sunny day by the beach.

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How much sunscreen should I use?

The NHS website suggests that you apply sunscreen "liberally and frequently" on all "exposed skin" before going outside.

The NHS measures the amount of sunscreen that should be used in teaspoons.

They recommend "two teaspoons" for "covering your hand, arms and neck."

If you're covering your "entire body" with sunscreen then you should estimate "two tablespoons."

How long does sunscreen last?

Medical experts recommend putting sunscreen 30 minutes before going out and then just before leaving.

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This gives the SPF time to settle in and get absorbed by the skin.

When outside, try to reapply sunscreen every two hours, and even more frequently if you have been in water.

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