It’s Father’s Day meaning that dads up and down the UK have been opening presents and ripping open cards.

And, if you want to make your celebration extra special you might have chosen to order a personalised card.

Snaps of the family, special quotes and more can all be printed onto greeting cards using online retailers like Moonpig.

Plus, they’ll even post the card out for you which is handy if you’re running late or if you’re unable to nip round due to coronavirus restrictions.

But, unfortunately, mix ups can happen when ordering anything online.

As one young woman discovered today when her dad opened his card and looked down in confusion.

Posting on Twitter, Lauren, @laurenholliefit, said: “Moonpig sent my dad the wrong father's day card and now he has a photo of a random Welsh family instead of me and him… excellent.”

She added a photo of the card which said “Happy Father’s Day Dad” but featured a couple and their two sons.

Inside the card, the greeting was entirely in Welsh.

It said: “I Dad, Sul y Tadau Hapus mwynha dy ddiwrnod. Llawer o gariad Oddi wrth Cerys, Rhys, Owain a Llion.”

Which, in English, means: “Dad, Happy Father's Day, enjoy your day.

“Much love from Cerys, Rhys, Owain and Llion.”

Lovely… if only their father had actually received it.

And, tonnes of people commented on Lauren’s tweet.

One woman said: “That has really tickled me.”

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“I don’t know whether to laugh or cry,” added another.

While a third simply said: “Oh my god!”

And, it seems Lauren’s not the only one to have been affected by a card mix up.

“My mum sent my wife a bday card and it was some 3yr olds card that turned up,” added a man called Dean.

While Dani said: “This happened to my mum with my stepdad’s birthday card a last year… got a random photo of newly weds.

Lauren added: “I just want to know if they have a photo of me and my dad…”

Well, she might well find out as Twitter users are on the hunt to locate the family.

The Daily Star contacted MoonPig for comment.

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