"He told me that I'm a horrible father and I'm gonna embarrass my child," the NSYNC singer said of Hall — before reacting to Chris Kattan's exit and the new HOH.

Chris Kirkpatrick was forced to say bye, bye, bye to the “Celebrity Big Brother” house on Friday night, after he essentially back-doored himself right out of the competition.

The NSYNCer was put up for elimination by the outgoing Head of Household Miesha Tate as a replacement nominee, after Shanna Moakler — who won the Veto competition — used her save on Carson Kressley.

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Unfortunately, Kirkpatrick put the target on his own back. He thought that if Shanna pulled down Carson, Miesha would put Todd Bridges as a pawn, to get everyone to vote out Cynthia Bailey. But when Miesha flat out asked Chris who he’d vote for to go home if Shanna used the Veto, he wouldn’t answer her directly, making her doubt their alliance before putting him up instead.

Kirkpatrick was eliminated 5-0, but in his exit interview with Julie Chen he seemed happy he had made big moves and possibly shifted the house out of Tate’s favor.

TooFab caught up with Chris the morning after he was voted out, where he shared how he really feels about Miesha and Todrick Hall’s gameplay, Chris Kattan’s self-elimination, Cynthia and Todd’s heated confrontation and getting a false-positive Covid test during filming that almost shook up the whole show.

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A lot went down this week for us to talk about, but let’s start with you effectively backdooring yourself right out of the game. Do you have any regrets or are you happy overall with your performance?

1000% happy. I mean, this was, you know, this was an outcome we knew probably would happen. I’m no longer in that crazy looney bin and, you know, hopefully, my plan is still in effect and still working. And I knew that I would be a casualty quite possibly of it, but I couldn’t see Carson go home, you know, especially. The only thing I regret is that I’m not there for Shanna.

Todrick and Miesha have been getting a very arrogant edit. Were they really sweeping through the house as if they’d already won? Is that why you wanted to flip the House so bad?

Yep. Completely. That’s exactly why I wanted it. I mean, they were in the bathroom already talking about who was gonna vote for them when it was time to vote for who wins “Big Brother” and they were like, “This person’s got you” and “This person’s got me.”

And I love Miesha. I really do. And that’s part of who she is. She’s a fighter. She’s gotta be, you know, tough. I think on Todrick’s part, it was a little bit, you know, not warranted and, you know, he’s kind of playing a game that I could have never played. But, you know, for the most part, it is this whole heir apparent and, you know, I think the problem was I also didn’t know where I sat in this so-called alliance that we had.

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Julie even seemed surprised by Todrick’s farewell message to you, which was a little shady. You laughed it off, but after sitting with it for a night, are you still okay with it?

I mean, I’m okay with it. It’s how he wants to play. It’s who he is. I mean, earlier that day, he told me that, you know, I’m a horrible father and I’m gonna embarrass my child and, you know, things like that. So I didn’t put it past him. I’m sorry he feels that way. It hurts to know that, you know, someone could play the game like that, but in the end, you know, I went in hopefully trying to be honest and sincere about everything. And I walked out the door, hopefully trying to be honest and sincere, you know? And he even came after me for that saying, you know, “Don’t try to play this high and mighty, honest game.” [and] “You’re a dirty player and a piece of crap” and all this. And, you know, and all that stuff hurt.

But in the end, I kept my focus. I didn’t let the house break me. I didn’t let anybody in there break me because, you know, I know outside those walls, if that were on the street and he said something like that, it would be a lot different, but it isn’t. And I don’t like people that play victims all the time, you know. I understand that … he let us know many, many times that he’s bullied for him being gay or for him being Black. And I never saw any of that coming in. If anything, it made me feel more comfortable. But, you know, I don’t like when people use that as a bargaining chip or in the game and especially accusing me of being some stereotypical, straight white guy, that’s like this evil, evil person.

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It seems a lot of the players don’t really know how the game works. As a superfan, does that make it frustrating?

It makes the game a lot harder to traverse because, you know, you’re playing with people that you’re trying to explain things [to]. I mean, when I came up with this plan, you know, I went back and I probably shouldn’t have said anything. I should’ve just told Shanna, but when I came up with this plan and I told Carson and Cynthia — Miss Cynthia was still like angry at me — and she’s like, “I don’t trust you.” And I was like, “What? You don’t trust me? I’m telling you, I’m probably gonna go on the block for one of you. I’m probably gonna go home for one of you. I’m sacrificing my entire game. What’s there not to trust? Like I’m giving it all up for you, you know, what’s there not to trust?”

And it was just, you know, it was the whole, I think, not understanding it enough that, you know, that kind of hurt when I’m going out on this giant limb and, you know, knowing darn well that I’ll probably be sitting here doing these interviews this morning. [It was] for their gain to make sure that they make it far to make sure I flip this house and stir it up. I was trying to get the other side to play too. … Nobody was really, you know, they were all just floating along, waiting for Todrick and Miesha to pick them off one by one. And that wasn’t fair.

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Now this week, Chris Kattan was also self-eliminated. How surprised were you when that happened? Have you checked in with him now that you’ve been eliminated?

I have not checked with him yet. I’ve heard that he’s doing good. He flew his girlfriend out and she’s here with him and I know, I just know that that house was not conducive for the situation he was in and it really had me worried about him as a person and it’s hard to step out of the game and really be concerned because I think he was so confused by the game. He didn’t know what was game and what was real. And you know, I tried to be as helpful as I can without pushing myself on him or without really scaring him into thinking it was a gameplay or something. So I was just trying to be there for him and I’m glad he’s okay. And it wasn’t really surprising that he left.

Viewers also saw a confrontation go down between Cynthia and Todd. What was that like to witness and was that the most heated moment you witnessed?

I didn’t witness it. I was in the bathroom. I was chilling in the bathroom and I heard yelling going on. I had Miesha’s red thing on my back or something to kind of help pain in the back. And I heard yelling going on. I thought it was joking ’cause you know, everybody yells at all times. Lamar yells at 3, 4 o’clock in the morning, like it’s normal. So you know, it was just yelling to me and it wasn’t until Todd came in really huffed up and still screaming and like, you know, “F this” or whatever that I was like, “Wait, wait, this is real. Like what’s going on?” So I really didn’t know exactly what happened, but then when I found out it was over a vote from the very first eviction, it was kind of crazy.

Just so you guys know that craziness is all the time. So when something like that happens, it’s like, “Oh, somebody’s getting weird again.” You know, it’s just like, it is what it is, you know, you almost just fall back to sleep or whatever you’re doing.

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Now those with the live feeds — spoiler alert! — have seen Carson Kressley win the HOH competition. Does that make you feel better about your “sacrifice”?

A million times. That’s exactly why I did what I did. You know, and it’s funny because I was still outside … decompressing from the game and you know, all the emotions are going through my head and I’m like thinking what a jerk I am because you know, somebody told me that I’m a horrible dad and a horrible human being and you can’t trust people like me and things like that. And you know, all these things are going through my head and I’m like, you know, that was the dumbest thing ever. You know, I saved myself for Carson, you know, loving Carson, loving everything about him.

Miesha Tate, Carson, Shanna, Cynthia — it’s hard to read on Todd and Lamar and Todrick — but those people are exactly who you think they are. They are sweet, kind, just really good people. That’s why I wanted to flip everything to save them, you know, knowing that it could cost me my game. And then eventually when I couldn’t answer Miesha, knowing that it pretty much cost me my game. But also knowing that Carson would be there to play on. And he was a good competitor and he loved being in there and, you know, I sacrificed for him. And then when I heard that he won, I was the happiest. I was happier than when I won my HOH in the house, because that’s why I did it.

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Last question: Teddi said someone got a false positive Covid test and was pulled from the house and heavily insinuated it was you. Can you talk about that at all?

Yeah, it was me. It freaked me out. I was downstairs. [I had] just given Todrick a hug. And we were getting Covid tests like all the time and me and Mirai were the only two in the house that have never had Covid. So they called me to the diary room and I was still down in the bathroom, kind of joking around with Todrick or whatever. And then they called me again, like not even two minutes later or not even like 30 seconds later. And then they called me again and I was like, “What?” … Normally they’ll call us. And if you kind of lollygag, like maybe three or four minutes, they’ll call you again. But it was like three times in like a minute and a half.

So I went upstairs and I get up there and I’m like, “Okay, I’m freaking out. Is everything okay?” And when they tell me, “Just sit there, you’re gonna get a phone call.” Like my heart just went out through my, you know, feet because I was like, “Is my wife okay? Is my kid okay? Is my family okay?” And I was so delusional at that point and scared, I think I asked if the president was okay. And if, either way, I was like, “Well, why would they call me if the president wasn’t okay?”

But then they said, “You got a positive on one of the Covid tests.” And I was like, “You know, first of all, I feel fine. Second of all, I haven’t had Covid and third of all, I’ve been in this bubble for, you know, two weeks now. There’s no way I could have Covid.” So they did a rapid test right there. It came back negative. I ended up having to leave the house for a minute. They did two more tests. They came back negative and found out it was just a false positive.

“Celebrity Big Brother” next airs Sunday night on CBS.

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