Placing fifth on Forbes’ wealthiest of the world list, Zuckerberg, with a net worth of $124 billion, has a real estate portfolio of $320 million. Owning properties in Palo Alto, California, San Francisco, and the Hawaiian Islands, he has an impressive collection of real estate. Still, those have not come without their fair share of controversies for the billionaire. Here’s a look at all the homes he owns.

Dolores Heights At San Francisco

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Zuckerberg bought this stucco and brick home in San Francisco for $10 million in November 2012. He also is reported to have spent an additional $1.8 million in renovations on the now 7,368 square foot house.

The $1.8 million renovations of the property consisted of remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms, installing air conditioning, making the building fire and earthquake safe, moving and renovating windows, replacing and repairing the exterior made of stucco and brick, and finally replacing the slate roof. It is unknown how many bedrooms or bathrooms the house has, but there are a total of 23 rooms combined on all four floors on the 0.22-acre place. Zuckerberg added to the first three floors and put together the fourth floor as a residential level with a glass roof deck and a bathroom.

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Interestingly, the renovations petitioned six protestations from neighbors for noise, littering, construction debris, noise, dust, and alleged permit violation complaints.

Owner Of Half Of Palo Alto, California

Zuckerberg owns about half a block of Palo Alto, California, amounting to at least 1.83 acres.Combined, his home encompasses almost 20,000 square feet consisting of 15 bedrooms and more than 16 bathrooms. The CEO paid $50.8 million for the properties lined with magnolia, redwood, and Ginkgo trees on the vast front yards.

According to Architectural Digest, his primary home is 5,617-square-foot on 0.41 acres with five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and wood floors, purchased in 2011 for $6 million, a year before his marriage to wife, Priscilla Chan.

This clapboard-sided, colonial restoration home is the most aged in Palo Alto, with some of the wood frame structure belonging to the 1860s. In the present time, the mansion is endowed with a saltwater pool, a spa, a barbecue area, a sunroom, a fireplace, an entertainment pavilion, front and back porches, and singular amenities like the Facebook Canon, which flings gray T-shirts and an Artificial Intelligence assistant with Morgan Freeman’s voice which the Facebook CEO himself built. His other four homes in Palo Alto are used as recreational facilities and guest houses.

In 2016, he advanced a motion to demolish the four properties and substitute them with 20% smaller houses to extend the outdoor area for their primary residence. But this proposal was rejected by the Palo Alto Architectural Review Board as the houses were criticized as not “credible” residence homes. After hearing news of neighbors’ complaints in San Francisco, his new neighbors were skeptical, but the property builders claimed they had significantly reduced impact on the neighborhood in their plans.

The Hawaiian Acres

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Hawaii seems to be a favorite of Zuckerberg’s as he has amassed 1,400 acres of it over the last few years. According to New York Post, in 2014, the CEO shelled out $116 million on a property, a 6,100-square-foot house with offices, 16-car garages, and security headquarters which is part of Zuckerberg’s $23 million security force, spanning across 707 acres including most of Kahu’aina Plantation and Pila’a beach. After constructing walls around his purchase, the local population had criticized Zuckerberg for preventing public access to the beach.

In 2017, Zuckerberg came under fire again when he lodged lawsuits to buy clusters of land within his estate referred to as the kuleana parcels. These land patches were handed out in 1850 to the native farmers and handed down through centuries. After public backlash, he revoked the lawsuits but still purchased 80 acres of 12 kuleana parcels with $45.3 million, comprising $33.3 million for 79.8 acres from Gary Stewart. The couple again splurged $53 million in March to add 600 acres to their property portfolio. Zuckerberg had been in the news for donning large amounts of sunscreens while surfing the waves on the islands besides their donation to the Chan Zuckerberg Kaua’i Community Fund of Hawai’i Community Foundation.

Desert Vacation Homes In Lake Tahoe, California

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In 2018, Zuckerberg splurged $59 million in two homes in Lake Tahoe, namely the Carousel and Brushwood estates. The estates’ span is across 10 acres, both combined. The Carousel estate is built on 3.5 acres with an eight-bedroom and nine-bathroom home. It consists of a two-car garage, 200 feet of lakefront, a breezeway, a marina-style pier, a caretaker’s apartment, and a guesthouse.

In the 1930s, the house had three detached cabins that were connected and extended in the 50s. In 1967, the caretaker’s house was built, and in the 70s and 90s, further modifications were done, which determined the building was not historic. For years, Lake Tahoe has been a celebrity haunt with vacationers and residents, including Gene Simmons, Kim Kardashian, and Frank Sinatra.

According to Luxury Zone, the Brushwood Estate consists of a 5,322-square-foot six-bedroom, five-bathroom property built on 6 acres of land. There is a private pier, a near 400-feet lakefront, patios, a garage, and a guest house. There are light-wood exposed beamed ceilings in the main house with a peaked roof. The home had previously hosted the Lake Tahoe summer music festival and the Oscar de la Renta fashion show.

Besides the two properties, Zuckerberg also retains 600 feet of Lake Tahoe’s private waterfront. This possession is soon expected to expand as he reportedly plans to acquire a third property in the area. With a vast property portfolio and several summer holiday options, Mark Zuckerberg seems to be still looking to amass more properties to add to his real estate collection.

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