Charles and Camilla ‘to visit Canada next May’ – but insiders fear they may be met with anti-monarchy protests

  • The Mirror reports the trip to the Commonwealth nation is already being planned
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The King and Queen are set to make their first official visit to Canada since the Coronation next year, according to reports – but steps are already being made to shield them from protestors. 

Charles, 74, and Camilla, 75, are set to visit the Commonwealth nation in May 2023, according to the Mirror – which will be two years since their last trip to Canada.

However, reports suggest the week-long trip will be carefully tailored so Their Majesties will face as little disruption and opposition as possible amid a growing anti-monarchy movement.

The Palace and the Foreign Office are said to be working closely on the details of the trip, with Palace insiders noting it will likely be a test of the King’s popularity in Canada.

A source told the newspaper that people responsible for the trip had ‘raised concerns’ about the level of opposition Charles and Camilla might face. 

Charles and Camilla are set to visit Canada in their first visit to a Commonwealth nation next May, the Mirror reports (pictured in Ottawa, May 2022)

An Ipsos poll of Canadians in September 2022, shortly after the death of Queen Elizabeth, revealed the nation was bitterly divided on Canada’s future within the Commonwealth.

The poll revealed a narrow majority of 54% of Canadians believed that the nation’s tie to the British monarchy should have been severed with the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, 56% of people surveyed said they thought Charles would do a good job as King.

It also noted that younger people were more likely to believe the nation should sever its ties with the British monarchy.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth, an Ipsos poll of Canadians revealed more than 50% believed it was the right time for the nation to cut its ties with the British monarchy

The Mirror also reports a more recent poll from September this year, The Leger Survey, which revealed that 81% of Canadians said they did not feel attached to the monarchy.

Debate has been reignited in several Commonwealth countries in recent years about their membership in the state group.

In 2021, Barbados made the historic decision to remove Queen Elizabeth as its head of state. When the monarch died the following year, many anti-monarchy activists argued it was the right time for their nations to sever ties with the Commonwealth.

In particular, politicians in Jamaica and Antigua have signalled their desire to leave the Commonwealth.

Reports suggest deliberations were carried out behind-the-scenes to decide which Commonwealth nation Charles would visit first as King.

Care has been taken in choosing Canada, after the Prince and Princess’s 2022 visit to Belize, the Bahamas and Jamaica was met with heavy opposition as the pair were labelled ‘out of touch’.

A source told the paper that there were ‘very real fears’ that anti-monarchy protests would affect the location of future state visits. 

After much discussion and deliberation, it is said that Canada was determined a ‘safe space’ for Charles and Camilla. 

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