For felines, the feast is about to get a lot fancier as famous chef Bobby Flay is entering the cat food business with a new line of food for pets. Alongside his cat, Nacho, Bobby made the announcement to the world.

The Iron Chef and his nine-lived pal say that their new line will provide both delicious and nutritious meals for cats. Actually, only Flay said it, but Nacho definitely appears to be on board with the idea.

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Nacho’s endorsement couldn’t be any clearer. The cat’s name is directly on the product. The line, called “Made By Nacho” took around two years of recipe tweaks, testing, and tasting. The celebrity chef even enlisted the help of Katja Lang as his veterinary consultant in order to maintain the healthy claim he is attaching to his new products.

“I have had cats in my life basically forever. I am an only child. My mom always had two or three cats in the house,” Flay explained to People. “I literally feel like I was raised by cats in some ways because that’s who I hung out with at home.”

Bobby’s love for cats is evident in how he treats Nacho along with his other cat, Stella, a two-year-old Maine Coon. For cat people, no explanation is necessary. Providing them with the best food available is part of the obligation that anyone sharing a home with a cat takes seriously.

“I am in this crazy business,” Bobby continued. “I feel like my cats take the edge off me. They create a soothing environment. Every time I walk in the door, I can’t wait to see them. It’s a very special relationship that only people that have cats understand.”

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What Flay noticed was that most pet food companies focus on dogs first with cats, later on, almost appearing to be an afterthought. It lead him to put the focus directly on his friends and introduce the world to a pet food that cat-owners could be proud of. That was two years ago and, since then, things have been leading to this.

Alongside Lang, Flay learned what cats need and how their unique nutritional needs differ from other animals. He worked with many nutritionists to make it perfect health-wise and, using his unique style of haute cuisine, he ensured that the quality matched that which was expected from his culinary legacy.

Made by Nacho is already available for order on and will be available at PetSmart stores starting April 19.

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