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If your cat is the type who is all about the kick when it comes to playing, then you’ve probably amassed a stash of kicker toys. These kinds of toys are elongated in shape and often filled with catnip and something crinkly to keep cats entertained. Potaroma, the brand behind the bestselling flopping fish cat toy, just came out with its own kicker toy, and this one is already a hit with cats and their parents.

The Potaroma Cat Pillow catnip kicker toys are the perfect toy for your kicking-loving cat. They’re made with “baby-level” soft material that mimics a super fluffy tail and are each packed with organic catnip and crinkle paper to drive your cat crazy while playing. These toys are also bite-resistant so your cat can keep playing and playing without fear of ripping the toys open.

And right now, you can grab a set of three kicker toys for just $14.

Image: Potaroma

“My seven-month-old kitten Arlo has A LOT of energy,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “Holy moly! I second I opened the package she was up in my grill and literally trying to take one of the kickers out of my hand as I was trying to get it out … maybe she had breaks in between but she was going BUCKWILD on wrestling and kicking these things. After her initial session with these, she plays with these things several times a day. Your cat will love.”

Another cat parent wrote, “I quietly set this out in the living room to see how long it took my seven-year-old kitty to discover it. Once she did, she was having the time of her life rolling, tossing, and playing with this all over the room! In the evening, she actually picks it up with her mouth and brings it to me as a gift offering while I watch TV; it’s hilarious!”

Your cat is going to have a heyday with these kicker toys from Potaroma and they may just become her new favorite obsession.

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