Tobe Nwigwe is constantly delivering cinematic experiences to complement his lyrically and melodically hard-hitting tracks. For “Lil Fish, Big Pond”, the rapper brings Stephen Curry along for the ride, which consists of a boating trip and a court-side choreographed performance.

The track, especially the chorus, has Curry written all over it – also appearing in the Apple TV+ documentary Underrated centered around Curry’s life. “Lil’ fish (Woah), big pond (Woah) / Big splash (Woah), big bag.” This already catchy hook then evolves into an even catchier “Look like the lil’ fish in the big pond / Made the big splash, got the big bag,” as the signature percussive Nwigwe beat begins to build.

Curry is Nwigwe’s costar in the video, as well as the rapper’s cosign on all of his bars, as the two alternate back and forth delivering lines. The duo, dripped in Nwigwe’s signature mint green color, sit side-by-side in a boat as Curry lip-syncs bits of the first verse. Curry wraps the verse with “Know the ones that didn’t pick me miss me when they go against me / Word to Clayton Bigsby, they prolly hate everything within me / But I’m still gon’ leave ‘em pissy, and let it fly like a frisbee.”

Nwigwe and Curry then find themselves in a basketball stadium surrounded by a slew of dancers (also enrobed in mint green). Nwigwe’s wife, Martica “Fat” Nwigwe is among the aesthetically alluring crew. The dynamic duo is back on the pond as the video comes to a close, with the same dancers scattered and showing out in surrounding boats.

“Lil Fish, Big Pond” is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. Check out the music video above.

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