Tricky visual brainteaser challenges YOU to name the popular movie characters based on their silhouettes alone – but only 4% can identify all six

  • Tricky challenge, created by LeoVegas, features silhouettes of movie character
  • Brainteaser is sure to put observation skills of biggest film buffs to the test 
  • From survey of 500 participants, only 4% could name all six correctly  

A tricky visual brainteaser is sure to put the observation skills of even the biggest film buffs to the test.

The challenge, created by LeoVegas, features six popular movie characters – but can you name them all from their silhouettes alone?  

Sound easy? From the survey of 500 participants, they found that only 4% can name all six movie characters. 

So, can you achieve the perfect score? 








1. Borat

2. Buzz Lightyear

3. John McClane

4. Hermione Granger

5. Michael Corleone

6. John Wick

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