CALLS for a ban on polluting gas boilers to be brought forward have been rejected.

The demand was contained in Tory MP Chris Skidmore’s Net Zero review to make sure legally binding green targets were met.

But Energy Secretary Grant Shapps is refusing to budge on plans to ditch gas boilers by 2035. In his review, Mr Skidmore wanted the boiler ban brought forward to 2033.

But Mr Shapps said he would not shift on that — as well as resisting pressure from Tory MPs to delay a ban on new petrol and diesel cars from 2030 to the EU target date of 2035.

He said: “We are not in Europe, we don’t have to do what Europe does — we’ve always been more forward leaning on this stuff than the EU.”

The Government is already set to make electricity cheaper than gas in an attempt to push people towards eco-friendly devices.


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Households with gas boilers face higher bills and extra charges

Up to 300,000 families will get help to insulate homes with the Great British Insulation Scheme.

Meanwhile, £5,000 bungs to get a new heat pump will continue until 2028, and the world’s second largest floating wind farm, East Anglia Three, will power 1.3million homes from the coast of Norfolk when it is completed.

But the Government will delay its response to Joe Biden's Inflation Reduction Act — where firms will get billions to subsidise green plans — until autumn.

Mike Childs of Friends of the Earth, said: “These plans look half-baked and half-hearted.”

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