AS more and more women are making the jump to lose their bras and join the "free the nipple" movement, others are still too afraid to make the shift.

One woman says she doesn't care and is sharing her braless journey on TikTok.

Audrey (@S**tAudreySays) spoke about several conversations she's had with women about why they choose to keep wearing a bra.

"Every time I ask a girl why she doesn't do no bras, she always tells me 'cause it doesn't feel professional," Audrey said.

"And here's what I say to that, who told you nipples were unprofessional?"

Audrey explained that men's nipples will sometimes show in their shirts, however, they rarely get called out for being "unprofessional."

"Free the nip," she said while holding up the peace sign.

Audrey pans the camera over her male friend, who has his shirt lifted to expose his nipple before the video ends.

The video received nearly 100,000 views and got several comments from people who showed their support and others who disagreed with Audrey's views.

"So brave," wrote one person.

"YES PLEASE FREE THE NIPSSSSS," wrote another person.

One person pointed out that nipples aren't as visible through cotton shirts that people wear at work to look professional.

However, some viewers weren't ready to agree with Audrey's "free the nipple" mentality.

"They don't feel comfortable," wrote one person. "If you do then ok, we do not care, but don't tell your ideas to people that don't care."

Audrey responded: "This was a waste of your time to comment. Don't watch my videos then if you don't care what do you think the internet is for?"

Another person called Audrey "deluded."

She replied: "Man, I really wonder what it feels like to waste ur [sic] time commenting on strangers videos to tell them their opinion is deluded?! Couldn't be me."

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