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The beauty industry is saturated with products and advice that claim to turn back the time on ageing. Express.co.uk spoke to Vicki Engsall, co-founder of The Jojoba Company, about the brand’s new Ultimate Serum which has been clinically proven to decrease fine lines, skin sagging, and deep wrinkles. Vicki also discussed the obvious signs of ageing and how you can achieve healthier, firm skin in “just four weeks”. 

Vicki said healthy skin is “plump, bouncy and hydrated” with a “dewy, even texture”. It should also be “firm soft and smooth to touch”, but as you get older a lot of this can change. 

“The main signs of ageing are fine lines, wrinkles, skin sagging, particularly around the jowls, loss of fullness in the face, rough, uneven textured and thinning skin, which is less firm, pigmentation and age spots, and sometimes redness (Rosacea is a common problem in ageing skin).”

As for when someone starts to show signs of ageing, “there is no definite start date” because “everyone’s skin, lifestyle, genetics and how well they have looked after their skin is different”. 

“Late nights, lack of sleep, not drinking enough water or consuming antioxidants and extended sun exposure without protection will accelerate the ageing process,” she added. 

“In saying all of this, we know that after about the age of 22, the skin’s wax esters and hyaluronic acid, begin to diminish (these are responsible for holding moisture in the skin) as well other important skin components such as collagen. 

“Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that makes up around 80 percent of our skin. It gives our skin its elasticity, bounce and firmness.” 

Vicki continued: “From as early as our mid-twenties, our levels of collagen begin dropping by about one percent every year. This continues into menopause where most women experience a loss of approximately 30 percent of their collagen resulting in thinner, less elastic, drier and more wrinkled skin.

“Without replenishing these important components and without good lifestyle habits and good skincare, people can start to see the signs of ageing as young as their late 20s.”

As for how someone can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, the expert said a “holistic approach with a good skin care regime” is needed. This includes cleansing, exfoliating and using a water-based hydrator. 

“Well-hydrated skin is the first step to reducing those fine lines and wrinkles. 

“Incorporating powerful serums with active ingredients such as peptides, collagen and essential vitamins and fatty acids will also help to stimulate collagen for a more youthful appearance. 

“In addition, always ensure that the last step in your regime is an SPF to protect the skin from the damaging and ageing effects of the sun.  

“Of course, increasing your daily water intake and eating a diet richer in antioxidants can also help,” Vicki added. 

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In terms of the Ultimate Serum, Vicki revealed the ingredients it has that make it so popular – one bottle is currently being sold every 25 minutes, with a five-star rating for it online. 

She said: “The Ultimate Serum, contains ingredients that focus on protecting and increasing the collagen count in the skin.  

“It contains a world first vegan collagen called HumaColl21 proven to outperform Retinol in its ability to stimulate and increase collagen in the skin along with active ingredient Ameliox, a di-pepetide which helps to keep the collagen soft and supple while preventing glycation in the skin which can cause the collagen to become fragile and break. 

“The base of the serum is hyaluronic acid which will hydrate the skin from a humectant perspective as it holds 1000 times its weight in water. 

“This serum is proven to increase skin firmness by 133 percent and skin collagen by nine percent and decreases frown lines by 24 percent in just four weeks. 

“Used twice daily after cleansing and before moisturising, this serum can help reduce the signs of ageing in the short and long term.” 

Leanne T reviewed the serum and said: “Exceeded my expectations, skin feels more hydrated and fine lines are minimal.” 

Anne commented: “After using the Ultimate Serum for 10 weeks the fine lines on my neck are gone and my skin is much firmer.” 

Susan E shared her experiences: “With the ultimate and youth serum in 1 week the difference with softness my wrinkles are half gone.”

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