Compared to the female orgasm, men’s orgasms seem fairly straight forward. 

But on this week’s episode of And Just Like That…, we saw Harry (Evan Handler) have a dry orgasm – that’s an orgasm sans ejaculation. In the show, he’s keen to find out the reason for his ‘dust balls’.

Now, you may be wondering if this does actually happen IRL and, in turn, if it’s healthy. 

Well, it turns out, it’s a yes for both.

A dry orgasm, also known as anejaculation, occurs when you climax, but no semen is released from the penis. 

‘While usually experienced simultaneously, orgasm and ejaculation are actually two separate bodily functions,’ Gigi Engle, an ACS certified sexologist and 3Fun sex and relationships expert, tells 

So that means men can orgasm without ejaculating, just like women. 

‘Orgasms are neurological phenomena, meaning they happen in the brain and spinal cord,’ Gigi explains.

‘This is why studies have shown that people who have quadriplegia can still possess the ability to orgasm, even if they experience no sensation in their genitals.’

It might be quite alarming if you experience a dry orgasm for the first time, but Gigi maintains that it’s usually not cause for concern in and of itself – however, it may be a side effect of another health issue. 

These include:

  • Retroactive ejaculation (when semen enters the bladder)
  • Chronic health problems
  • Medications
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Mood disorders
  • A blocked sperm duct
  • Low sperm count
  • Cancer treatment

‘Dry orgasm is probably not a sign of health problems,’ says Gigi.

‘But you should definitely see a doctor if this is an ongoing issue, as it could be a sign of other medical problems.’

The truth is, dry orgasm may be more common than you expext.

‘Some people may experience this regularly, some only occasionally, and others not at all,’ says Gigi.

‘Bodies are complicated. If this is something that you’ve experienced, there is no need to feel shame about it. 

‘Everyone’s body is different and there’s not simply one right way to experience orgasm.’

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