AN OPTICAL illusion has been taxing hearts and minds in a mind-bending test.

Depending on what you see first will determine whether you are romantic, tough to tame, or heartbroken and wary.

Some commenters to the post said the predictions were eerily precise.

One was so impressed they were moved to say: “I saw the old man first. Why are these so accurate.”

The psychological test came from Psychologylove (@psychologylove100) who has 279,000 followers and another 2.4 million likes.

In this video, they posed a challenge: “What do you see first.”

But be warned – don't be fooled by first appearances.

What was presented was not what it seemed. Exactly how viewers interpreted it said a lot about their inner thoughts.

If you saw the profile of an older man first, then this indicated a lot.

"While you might appreciate the sentiment of romantic gestures, the truth is that you are far more likely to be wooed successfully by someone who’s willing to put in the time, effort, and energy," said Psychologylove.

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However, if you saw a man riding a horse on first seeing the image, then this said something very different.

"Your heart can be a tough one to tame and you want your lover’s attention at all times," they said.

But that wasn't all: "You have a natural tendency to continue looking over your partner’s shoulder, just in case the real person of your dreams suddenly appears."

For those who spied a girl lying down by a river, there was another interpretation.

"You’ve most likely been hurt by love in the past. While you have a great propensity for giving your heart away, you’re growing increasingly skittish and wary as time moves on."

There was some advice: "Don’t give up until you find someone who understands exactly how lucky they are to have found you too."

Finally, for viewers who spotted a stone walkway overlooking a river in the image, Psychologylove had this to say: "It means you have a wild and dreaming heart that is difficult to tame.

"You love the idea of falling in love but have yet to find the right partner who enjoys exploration and adventure as much as you do."

Commenters were impressed by the psychological test.

“I saw all of them at first," said one viewer.

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Another was bowled over: “I saw a man on a horse and the description is right on.”

The final commenter felt was more circumspect: “These statements might suit the majority but don’t fit me and I suspect I’m on the edge of the bell curve.”

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