A woman has made an appeal to look for an Amazon driver who followed her delivery request to kill a massive spider outside her home.

Gwen Sanchez, who lives in Texas, said she noticed a huge spider at her front door and was terrified to go out.

Bizarrely, she turned to a delivery driver for help and left an instruction note on Amazon, hoping the worker could kill the spider for her.

In a viral video she shared on TikTok, Gwen shows her delivery instructions, saying: "Please leave in front of garage by trash can.

"There is a huge spider on my front porch who is refusing to leave and I'm too scared to go out my front door.

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"If you could kill the spider for me, that would be amazing. Thank you!"

The clip shows the massive arachnid perching on top of her home security camera and climbing over the lens.

CCTV shows an Amazon delivery driver dropping off the parcel by Gwen's front door and looking at the wall to search for the spider.

He then takes off one of his shoes and smashes the spider until it drops on the floor.

To make sure it's not escaping to the plants, the worker gives it another strike to make sure it's dead.

The driver puts on his shoes and calmly walks back to his van.

Gwen is now asking her viewers to "help find this driver" so she can properly thank him.

Many viewers praised the driver a "hero" for delivering the special request.

One said: "Now that's going going above and beyond!"

A second wrote: "He deserves a raise! Some heroes wear capes some wear an Amazon shirt and hat."

"Girl you've got Amazon Premium!" a third added.

Since then, Gwen made another Amazon purchase and left a note outside her house hoping the driver to return so that she could thank him.

On the note she wrote: "Hello Amazon! Thank you for killing the spider yesterday! You are actually TikTok famous now. The people of TIkTOk want to know – Are you single? What is your Venmo?"

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