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Aussie actor Ryan Cooper offered some words of encouragement to Sam Asghari after winning a role in “And Just Like That…” that Asghari coveted.

Cooper admitted he was initially upset that Asghari — who is engaged to Britney Spears — gained a heap of publicity for losing out on the role as a hunky physical therapist in the “Sex and the City” spinoff, while he didn’t get nearly the same amount of ink.

But then he saw a different side.

“There’s the other part that is like, good on ya man,” he told Page Six in a recent interview. “That’s the world we’re in. There’s a genuine state of pushing for your dreams and I’m all for that. I wrote to him and said, ‘Good on ya, share the wins, share the failures. That’s what life is, we’re all human beings.’”

Cooper — who was a carpenter for six years before becoming a successful model posing with the likes of Behati Prinsloo and Gisele Bündchen — added another line to his resume when he became a life coach during lockdown last year.

“During the pandemic, I took a business plan that I had constructed many years ago and put into action where I coach people for six weeks,” the married father of two explained.

“I do neurolinguistics programming,” the 35-year-old said. “The way we show up mentally, the steps we’ve been through to get where we are and the decisions we’ve made and counteracting that with meditation and yoga, stretching, pilates.

“It’s in a six-week package that’s very digestible and streamlined and easy for people to follow along. We do group zooms and one-to-one calls that really help to keep people motivated… It’s not just about fitness, it’s about how we show up in the world and not everyone wants or needs to have 6 percent body fat, it’s not about that. It’s what’s good for you and a better state of mind.”

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