When it comes down to it, Wendy Williams is arguably one of the most controversial hosts to ever grace daytime television. With a media career spanning over 30 years, the New Jersey native has made a name for herself by being what some would proclaim a “shock jockette.”

In addition to landing legendary interviews with stars such as Whitney Houston and Omarosa, the host’s candid nature of questioning has made her a staple unlike any other.

Williams first stepped on the radio scene by hosting her own show in the Virgin Islands and within less than a year, earned a position at a Washington-based radio station, WOL. She then moved on to work at WEPN, Hot 97, and Philly-based urban station Power 99FM before settling into hosting The Wendy Williams Experience at WBLS. From there, the host was able to start a successful run at her own daytime television show, beginning in 2008. 

Known for her love and discussion of celebrities during her “Hot Topics” segment, Williams found herself a hot topic when she divorced her husband of 22 years among allegations of infidelity in 2019. True to her “tell-like-it-is” character, Williams did not hold back when it came down to discussing the sordid details of her life for her Lifetime biopicWendy Williams: The Movie and its follow-up documentary, Wendy Williams: What A Mess. Here are eight things we learned.

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