WELLIES, gardening boots, knee-highs, flat heels, block heels… you can just never have too many boots in our humble opinion—but what to do when you've got more options than there are days in the week to wear them?

Clever storage is the secret to a neat and organised home—and with more time on our hands indoors, many of us are tidying and decluttering to create the perfect KonMari-approved spaces.

But even when you've scaled down your boot collection, finding a place to store them can be tricky. Standard shoe racks don't tend to accommodate longer-length boots, while for muddy boots, you'll probably want to place them somewhere completely separate that allows them to dry out—while at the same time not completely destroying the floor.

This is where the best boot racks come in: these handy stands can take all heights and sizes of boots, creating an organised and streamlined look in an instant.

And, depending on your style and the type of boots you want to store, there are all manner of boot racks available to shop online right now: from traditional cast iron and wooden racks through to cute personalised designs and stylish shelving units.

To get you started, we've put together a list of some of the best boot racks out there that will upgrade your footwear storage and bring some order to your house—whatever your budget and decor. Take a look below…

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1. Best for hanging outdoors: Nice Rack's Wall Mounted Boot Rack with Wood Preserver

  1. (AD) Nice Rack boot rack wall mounted for 6 pairs – treated with wood preserver, £28.99 from Amazon – buy here

If you've got lots of muddy wellies to deal with, an outdoor boot rack is a great solution that will allow them to dry out (upside down, so they don't get rained on of course).

This one by Nice Rack will take six pairs and is already treated with wood preserver so it's completely good to go—plus it handily comes fully assembled, so all that's left to do is find a place to hang it.

It's got several five-star reviews too, with one shopper praisong the boot rack for its 'solid build and quality.'

2. Best space-saving options for shoes and boots: mDesign's 3-Tiered Metal Shoe Rack

  1. (AD) mDesign 3-Tiered Shoe Rack for 24 Pairs of Shoes and 3 Pairs of Boots White/Grey, £40.04 from Amazon – buy here

Shoe racks are great storage solutions, but often don't have the means for holding anything beyond ankle height—which can be a problem when boots are a solid part of your wardrobe.

Luckily this one by mDesign has incorporated room for three pairs of boots, as well as up to 24 pairs of shoes. The design is super-practical too, with an open and elevated feel that doesn't overly crowd your footwear, while still being nice and compact.

Reviewers are impressed too, calling it a 'great spacesaver' and 'easy to put together'.

3. Best family-friendly boot rack: The Oak And Rope Company's Personalised Wellie Boot Holder

  • The Oak And Rope Company Personalised Wellie Boot Holder 4 Pairs, £340 from John Lewis – buy here

Personalised items never fail to look charming around the home—and what could be cuter than a personalised wellie boot holder?

Specialising in fully personalisable oak gifts hand made and carved at their Kent-based workshop, The Oak And Rope Company have designed a beautifulboot rack here that will be a family keepsake for years to come.

With room for four pairs of boots, this sturdy design will look classy in any porch or hall and can be personalised with up to 14 letters—perfect whether you want to add your surname or a short phrase.

Available from John Lewis, all you need to do once you’ve placed your order is to send your order details and personalisation request to the email given in the product info—or if you don't get around to that, you'll be contacted by phone within three working days.


4. Best multi-purpose boot rack: The Orchard's Boot Scraper And Brush Set

  • The Orchard Boot Scraper And Brush Set Made In Britain, £99 from Not on the High Street – buy here

Hanging muddy boots up is one thing, but cleaning them is quite another—hands up who else puts off dealing with grubby wellies for as long as possible?

Thankfully, The Orchard has got your back with this two-in-one design that features a scraper and brush to help you remove the dirt from your boots once it's dried up.

Handcrafted from steel and covered in a durable, weather-proof antique polyester paint, this nifty design features two sets of ball topped rods for hanging up two pairs of boots.

5. Best boot rack for wardrobes: Ruco's Telescopic Wardrobe Boot Stand

  • Ruco Telescopic Wardrobe Boot Rail Storage Stand, £19.99 from eBay – buy here

Not everyone wants to make a feature of their boots—and that's totally fine!

If you'd rather store your boots away neatly out of sight, a boot rack that fits inside your wardrobe is a great storage solution and maximises any dead space at the bottom which would otherwise be unused.

Ruco's extendible telescopic rail can be cleverly adapted to your wardrobe's width (from 58 to 100cm), allowing instant storage space for up to 5 pairs of boots.

With an aluminium base and black boot prongs, it's aesthetically pleasing too, and will look perfectly sleek in any wardrobe.

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