A woman who weighed over 30 stone has revealed how her "addiction to food" saw her consume a whopping 4,000 calories in a day.

Samantha, 35, from Hartlepool, said her home had started to feel like a "prison" as she struggled to move thanks to her 62in bust, 57in waist and 72in hips.

In September 2019, the 35-year-old mum-of-three – who was classified as super morbidly obese – revealed how she shut herself away for the previous three years because of the "shame".

Appearing on Channel 4's show Shut In: Britain's Fattest People, the mum-of-three said she used to get takeaway kebabs for lunch and grazes on high calories snacks when she was home alone.

Samantha also said she had an "addiction to crisps", adding: "Crisps, they're my absolute demons, these things.

"I can just eat and eat and eat them."

Among her favourite deserts were a tray of eight vanilla puddings and she also had takeaways for lunch without fail.

"I'm out of control and I wouldn't be overweight like I am if I wasn't," she explained.

"I can't blame my husband or anybody else because I know I did the damage and I put the food in my mouth."

Her husband, Keith, has been taking care of Samantha's needs over the last 14 years of their marriage.

"I'm there for her all the time – what she wants and what she needs," he adds.

Mum Julie said her daughter never had any issues with food as a child.

But she noticed Samantha started to pile on the pounds when she split up with her eldest daughter's father at the age of 18.

"Food became a comfort for me, it became my friend," Samantha explains. "The more food I could eat, the better I felt."

Samantha has sought medical advice after suffering with severe headaches caused by intercranial hypertension.

Doctors said she needed to lose at least 5kg to have her stomach operated on – which involved reducing her daily calorie intake by 1,000.

After a year of strict food ban, Samantha dropped from size 32 to 22 – losing a whopping eight stone.

Samantha said: "I'm absolutely blown away by the weight I've lost. It's crackers.

"I'm changing all the time. It's not just on the scales you see your victories, it's how you look and how you feel."

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