GYMNASTICS is a multi-skilled sport that requires an immense amount of strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

It also requires a lot of practice: to really achieve in gymnastics, you need to start young and be willing to put the hours in, so you'll definitely need one of the best gymnastic mats for home use.

There are plenty of different options, in terms of style and price point, when it comes to finding a gymnastics mat you can play around on at home – or one you can safely let the little ones put the hours of practice in with.

Fold-up mats are handy as space-saving options – when not in use, they fold away into a compact rectangular shape. They also have handles for easy portability when it comes to travelling for events, or overseas practice.

Wedge mats are another compact design: the ergonomic wedge shape can be used for running or tumbling, but folds into a neat square shape that's handy for a variety of other exercises, like strength training.

Of course, you don't need to be training to be the next Simone Biles to invest in a gymnastics mat to practice on at home.

Ideal for kids to play around on, they also conveniently double as yoga mats for when you're in need of a meditative stretch or workout.

To save you scrolling, we've round-up the best gymnastic mats on the market right now in a range of styles, types and budgets to fit your needs.

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