The Masked Singer: Davina says Mushroom is Carol Vorderman

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Carol Vorderman took to social media last night to raise awareness about a phishing scam. She responded to a tweet from fellow presenter Adil Ray who “almost fell for it” with a warning.

Adil, who is a television presenter and actor, posted a screenshot of what happened to his followers last night.

He posted a message he’d received from an unidentified verified account claiming to be “Twitter Support”.

This read: “Hello, Copyright infringement was detected in one of the shares on your account.

“If you think copyright infringement is wrong, you need to provide feedback.

“Otherwise, your account will be removed within 48 hours.

“You can give feedback at the link below.

“Thank you for understanding.

“Thanks, Twitter Support.”

It then shared a link to a Google site.

Alongside the picture, Adil penned: “Almost fell for this just now.

“Beware it’s a fake phishing scam, targeting mainly verified accounts apparently.”

Carol responded to Adil, who also worked for the BBC and Channel 4, alongside his job on Good Morning Britain.

She wrote to her 479,000 Twitter followers: “Beware of phishing with messages like this x.”

Carol wasn’t the only one reacting to Adil’s tweet.

Dr Asif Qasim penned: “There is a huge industry of third party demands for copyright infringement- vast enterprise – some do have merit but the scam factor is high.”

While Shoaib Taimur replied: “Happened to an account I know.”

Carol’s followers also thanked her for warning them about the scam.

This is not the first time that Carol has issued a warning about a similar scare.

Last week, she told her followers about someone who was pretending to be her online.

Posting last Wednesday, she explained on her Instagram account that this wasn’t her.

She wrote: “Evening. Quite a number of people have now told me about a fake account pretending to be me and ask to follow them back.

“Do not follow @Carolvorderman1012 or anything similar.

“It isn’t me. Sorry,” she added to her 200,000 followers.

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