Monty Don shares tips for pruning fruit trees

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Gardeners’ World lead host Monty Don will return tonight for another episode of the show. Monty, who has been hosting the show for almost 20 years, will be sharing what seasonal jobs gardeners can be getting on with in their gardens. On last week’s episode of the Gardeners’ World, the 66-year-old shared how to prevent weeds by mulching, how to plant hydrangeas and how to care for tulip bulbs.

Monty also shared how to grow two different varieties of summer cabbages.

He said: “Cabbages are something that we tend to associate with winter and – it might just be my age – but with school dinners which are not particularly attractive.

“But summer cabbage is really good and it has a freshness to it.

“There are certain varieties that you sow now ready to harvest from midsummer through until September, and I’ve got two here.

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“I’ve got ‘greyhound’ which is pointed and ‘primo’, which is quite small.”

Monty said it’s useful to grow small cabbages as larger ones end up sitting at the bottom of the fridge, going uneaten.

The gardening expert showed viewers how to sow the greyhound variety of the summer cabbage.

He continued: “All brassica seeds tend to be round. Just sprinkle them thinly.

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“I will cover that over lightly and I’ll put these somewhere warm, which in my case is in the greenhouse.

But a window sill will do the job just as well.”

Monty pressed the seeds down with a seed tray tamper.

He thoroughly watered the seeds and said they will germinate in around 10 days.

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Monty added: “They’ll grow, I’ll prick them out and and plant them out around about May depending on the weather ready to harvest in July, August and into September.”

Summer cabbages can be down from February until early May.

Winter cabbages can be down in April or May and spring cabbages can be sown in July or August.

Cabbages like lots of sun and firm soil and should not be grown in the same spot where previous cabbages or brassicas were grown.

Cabbages can be prone to common problems such as common root fly, caterpillars and club root.

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GP Amir Khan shares the health benefits of gardening and spending time in green spaces.

Gardeners’ World airs tonight at 8pm on BBC Two

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