While gardeners shouldn’t worry too much about their roses being exposed to frosty conditions, they still carry the responsibility of watering their shrubs adequately throughout winter.

Following a simple set of gardening tasks throughout the colder season will allow rose enthusiasts to enjoy vibrant growth by the following Spring.

This is particularly important for countries where winter conditions are generally dry, as the moisture levels of soil become quickly depleted.

Rose shrubs will unlikely need deep watering, but will nonetheless appreciate being watered a few times per week, particularly when the soil feels dry to the touch.

This watering will not only encourage the plant to build a sturdy root system but is also responsible for keeping unwanted fungal diseases at bay.

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Experts at Plantura Magazine explained: “Even during winter dormancy when cultivating potted roses, make sure that the plant does not dry out completely.

“However, you should water only on frost-free days so that the roots do not become damaged.”

Too much water on a plant before or during a fire can cause damage by encouraging yet more leaves to freeze. This will also negatively impact the root of the plant, with experts pointing out that root death frequently results from hard frosts.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, the problem can easily be avoided by wrapping rose containers with bubble wrap.

Experts caution against covering up roses too early before the frost has arrived, however, as this may increase the risk of disease as heat builds beneath the cover.

The consensus is that watering the roses first thing in the morning will prevent any complications for the root system.

Rian Habergham, a garden expert from Leisure Bench, fold homes and gardens: “I recommend thoroughly watering your plants the day before the night of a scheduled frost or freeze.

“You should do this early in the morning, once the air outside reachers around 40F / 4C.”

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