Footballer Michael Owen has had a glittering football career, including collecting the coveted Ballon D'or trophy in 2001, but has revealed his wife Louise has 'never put him on a pedestal'.

In an interview with OK, the 43-year-old, who shares children Gemma, 20, Jessica, 13, Emily, 16, and 17-year-old James with Louise, hilariously admits why his triumphs were met with apathy in the Owen household.

“I do sometimes think, ‘It would be nice to come home to hear your wife and kids say, ‘You were brilliant today. That was amazing,’” he says. “I do yearn for their glowing references, but there’s none of that. It’s a brutal house where I live,” he says, only half-jokingly.

The problem, he explains, is that the only thing his family have ever known is success.

“Louise and I were born two months apart, went to the same nursery and primary school and lived 10 doors apart and were boyfriend and girlfriend from infants and juniors.

“We’ve known each other for more than 40 years, and once I got back from the FA’s Centre of Excellence in Lilleshall aged 17 and we got together properly, this is the only life we’ve ever known, so she’s never put me on a pedestal.

“When I scored a hat trick in a final or won the Ballon D’or, she didn’t pat me on the back or say, ‘Well done, Michael.’ It wasn’t like, ‘The whole stadium was singing your name out there today. How incredible.’ None of that was a surprise. It’s just normal for us. It’s not like I ever came in and she’d be singing, ‘There’s only one Michael Owen!’ Can you imagine?"

Michael, who's daughter Gemma entered the Love Island villa in 2022, went onto reveal that despite his success on the football pitch, learning the ins-and-outs of the sport was never Louise's priority.

"The truth is she doesn’t really give a monkey’s about football and she’s never really understood it all," he laughs.

But one thing is for sure, their relationship is one for the ages and their love has only 'strengthened' as they get older.

He continues, “Me and Louise, we’ve just always been mates – well, obviously more than mates, we’re husband and wife, and we’ve always had a good relationship and it’s just strengthened over time."

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