Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) has had her dream surfing career thrown into question by a shocking twist in her life – the discovery that she is pregnant.

She tells Dean (Patrick O’Connor), and he says he will support her regardless of her decision. However, she has no idea what to do.

The couple keep their news under wraps for now, but it isn’t long before Mackenzie (Emily Weir) picks up on their weird vibes. Ziggy wants to keep up appearances and plans a surf, but Dean is protective about her wellbeing.

Mackenzie sees Dean’s behaviour and concludes that Dean must have done something to upset Ziggy. She offers Ziggy a drink so she can find out more, but Ziggy declines. Mackenzie immediately guesses why – she’s pregnant.

Ziggy confides in Mackenzie – she doesn’t know how she’d fit a baby into her job at the garage and a budding career as a professional surfer. Later, Mackenzie speaks to Dean and urges him to tell her what he wants.

When the couple sit down together, Dean gently lets Ziggy know that he can’t think of anything better than having a kid with her.

Unfortunately, Ziggy takes this the wrong way and begins feeling more pressured. Will she keep the baby and have a family with Dean?

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