Gardening tips: How to remove moss on drives and patios

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Moss and algae can make paths very slippery, particularly now in the winter months. Moss and algae can become established in damp shady conditions. To help households remove moss from their patios, a Mrs Hinch fan has shared a £1 “cleaning staple” that she claimed “transformed” her garden paving.

Taking to Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tip on Facebook, Alison Saunders wrote: “Yesterday I used The Pink Stuff Miracle Cream Cleaner and a scrub daddy and it completely transformed my patio.

“I think it’s a great improvement with having scrubbed off the stubborn moss myself and thrown water over it afterwards to rinse it. There were no power washer tools used as I don’t have one, just this cleaning staple. Hopefully this will help someone.”

Alongside the comment she wrote, the cleaning enthusiast shared several before and after pictures depicting her patio first covered in dirt and moss and the other clean.

Mrs Hinch fans flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts on this cleaning hack. Many couldn’t believe the product would work so well, while others revealed that this is how they too clean their patios.

Julie McCarthy responded: “Well done! It looks great. I would never have thought to use it for this job so thanks for the inspiration.”

Carol Clowes wrote: “Wow that’s amazing, well done. I will have to try mine now as I too don’t have a power washer.”

Anna Demeter replied: “I really need to buy some for mine! Looks amazing”. Judith Brandrick agreed: “Wow! That looks fabulous! Well done.”

Mandy Giles commented: “Need to do mine. Never thought to use the pink stuff so thanks and great job.”

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Deborah Steele said: “I tested one bit with pink stuff cleaner and a scrubbing brush and it was insane. it honestly works like magic.”

Lorna Graham commented: “I bought all three of the Pink Stuff. It’s cheap but omg it does the job a good one.”

Nicky Woodman said: “I use Pink Stuff Cream Cleaner and sprinkle it all over wet a hard bristle broom. Scrub using a broom, then rinse.” 

June Barrett added: “I used this on mine and washed it after, came up a treat, would recommend The Pink Stuff.”

Star Brands, who produce The Pink Stuff range said that the cleaning cream is great to be used on hard surfaces.

They said: “The Pink Stuff The Miracle Cream Cleaner is a mild abrasive cream cleaner for hard surfaces and should be used with care.

“Our versatile liquid cream cleaner for hard surfaces is tough on stains, penetrates and removes grease and grime, leaving shiny clean results using 100 percent natural cleaning particles.”

This product can be purchased from Ocado and The Range for £1. It can also be picked up from Tesco for £1.29 and at Asda for £1.49.

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Other Mrs Hinch fans recommended using laundry powder to rid patios of moss and dirt.

Claire Burden said: “Washing powder (with hot water) in a bucket and a hard broom is what I use. Doesn’t bring out the cement as much as a pressure washer and does an amazing job.”

Fran Gumm suggested: “Washing powder sprinkled over with a splash of water and a good scrub with a stiff broom.”

Anne Walkingsaw added: “Cheap soap powder, wet it and scrub it in. An old man told me this years ago and it works.”

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