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Experts have said gardeners should be careful in the garden as making even the smallest mistakes can have the most “catastrophic consequences”. This includes pruning, which is the selective removal of branches from a tree, helping to promote new growth. However, for beginner gardeners it can be hard to know where to begin.

Gardening experts at Sutton Manor Nursery explained: “With all the overgrown shrubs from the previous winter months, it is understandable that you are eager to start getting your shrubs in shape.

“However you mustn’t overdo it.

“If done too aggressively, it can permanently damage a plant by stunting its growth and making it susceptible to diseases.”

While pruning can benefit a shrub or tree in different ways, when it is in its growing stage, pruning can potentially “starve” them.

The experts added: “Pruning is simply cutting leaves and leaves are what a plant needs to make food.

“Therefore, over-pruning your plant means it cannot make food.”

Pruning too much can also make plants “extremely vulnerable” to the harsh summer sun.

This is because leaves are super important to plants and shrubs as they can help provide shade to the branches.

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Cutting the lawn too short is also another “mistake” gardeners make.

According to Sutton Manor Nursery, this is a mistake a lot of people make without even realising.

They said: “This can cause a chain reaction of problems for your grass that can be truly catastrophic.

“When you cut your lawn too short, what you are doing is cutting away the food supply to the grass.

“In the summer months the grass relies on that food supply to survive the hot and dry conditions.

“As well as taking away the lawn’s food supply, you also severely reduce its ability to produce more food as the leaf has been cut that helps to make the food.”

This means it then has to work harder to produce the new food.

All of this added up can lead to the death of the grass.

The experts added: “It’s understandable as to why people make this mistake, they feel like the shorter they cut the grass, the less they will have to mow it.

“While this is correct, it is only because you do not have to cut dead grass.”

Leaving the lawn slightly longer actually means it will grow a lot slower.

The gardening experts continued: “Mistakes in gardening happen all the time, especially with new gardeners.

“The main piece of advice that we can give is to learn from the mistakes that you make and make sure that you do not make the same mistake again.

“Knowing what works and what doesn’t is hugely valuable information that can help you grow your skills in the garden.”

Placing plants in the wrong spot and a lack of weeding are also common mistakes gardeners make.

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