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Peace lilies are beautiful house plants but caring for them can be tricky. Luckily, Express.co.uk spoke to Patch Plants doctor, Richard Cheshire about the conditions a peace lily needs to not only survive but thrive indoors. 

Peace lilies are identifiable by their green foliage and white-sheathed flowers. 

Held high above the leaves like tiny white flags, the white-hooded flowers of a peace lily have been compared to this iconic symbol of surrender.

Most peace lilies are at home on the South American rainforest, and they receive constant drips of rainwater and dappled sunlight through the canopies above. 

How to care for a peace lily? 

Richard said: “Peace lilies are very good at telling us when they are not happy and even better at responding to the correct care.

“When the leaves and flowers droop, it may be a little thirsty. 

“I would give her a good soak over the sink so that water runs out the bottom of the nursery pot, then let her drain on the side before putting her back in her decorative pot.

“You will be surprised at how quickly she perks up.”

As for the water you need to us, “purified is best” and do so when the top two inches of soil is dry.  

“Tap water can be harmful to peace lilies, so it’s best to use rainwater,” Patch Plant’s expert continued. 

Try leaving an empty bottle outside your window to catch raindrops for the plant. 

Should you spot any signs of changes on the leaves, Richard said: “If the leaves turn a pale yellow, this means that they have been over watered so try placing the plant in a brighter spot and only water it when the top two inches of soil have dried out.” 

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As for the best light conditions for a peace lily, east-facing windows are perfect because they provide moderate light without burning their leaves. 

If this is tricky in your home then just find the plant a spot in indirect light, away from the scorching rays of the sun.

Wild peace lilies thrive in a tropical rainforest, so the houseplant will be comfortably around 16-21 degrees in a house. 

But it is advisable to keep the plan clear of warm radiators and cool drafts, or they may wilt. 

Facts about a peace lily 

Botanial name: Spathiphyllum wallisii

Nickname: Peace lily or white sails

Plant type: Indoor, tender perennial

Air purifying: Yes. Did you know? In the Chinese art of feng shui, the peace lily is considered an aura purifier. 

Plant height, including pot: 40-50cm, 70-80cm, 90-100cm

Pet/baby safe: Toxic to cats and dogs

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