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Orchids are beautiful plants that instantly brighten up a room, providing colour for several months throughout the year. But if you care for your orchid incorrectly, you could end up with an unhappy plant. CEO of independent houseplant site Friends or Friends, Silver Spence, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about some of the myths surrounding orchids.

Orchids are extremely popular plants that can be spotted in homes across the UK.

However, Silver said they can be tricky to look after, especially if people follow plant myths.

The houseplant expert said: “People can kill them [orchids] quite easily.

“They’ve been one of those plants that have been popular for so long that people have made up myths about them.”

One of the myths Silver described was using an ice cube to water orchids.

Silver explained further: “Basically, people say if you want to water an orchid, you put an ice cube on top of it.

“That’s the piece of advice but that’s horrible. You should never do that.

“It will shock the plant with the cold and it’s unlikely to be enough water.”

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Silver said you can use either tap water or filtered water for your orchids.

However, the expert warned that neither option is as “nutrient-rich” as what they are exposed to in the wild.

In their natural environment, orchids are battered by wind and rain which means they often have debris on them.

The orchid takes the nutrients from that debris through their roots.

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How often you water an orchid will depend on where you keep it in your home.

However, it’s generally best to water them once every seven to 10 days when their potting mix and roots are looking dry.

Overwatering orchids can lead to root rot and other problems like gnats and fungus.

If the roots of your orchid turn from brown to black and become very soft, they could have root rot.

Rotten roots won’t be able to absorb water or important nutrients that are key to their survival.

Their leaf growth will slow down and their leaves may turn yellow.

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