Monty Don details the correct way to prune fruit plants

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On an episode of Big Dreams, Small Spaces for BBC Two, Monty helped an amateur gardener choose plants for her garden. The series, which first aired in 2014, saw Monty work with amateur gardeners from up and down the country to help them create their dream space. The gardening expert visited a garden centre to choose some plants.

Monty pointed at some gooseberry and red currant bushes.

He said: “Here we go gooseberries.

“Gooseberries and red currants I would strongly recommend.

“The last thing you want is inward growing growth, you want outward growing growth.”

He picked up a gooseberry plant and showed the amateur gardener how the plant had been pruned “wrong”.

“So this has been pruned almost exactly wrong.

“It’s been pruned and just above a bud that’s been growing inwards.

“Whereas actually that should be going in the opposite direction.

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“In fact, none of these have been pruned well.

“Invicta’s good and I grew invicta.”

Gooseberry “Invicta” is a bush plant with large, pale green berries that appear in late July.

It is one of the most popular varieties of gooseberry.

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They are quite easy to grow but like full sun, some shade in very hot weather and well-drained soil.

The plant is also great in the UK as they are fully hardy.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), gooseberries are usually the first bush fruit to be picked.

However, Monty said the berries are less for eating raw but great for cooking.

He added: “Invicta is a cooking one. Gooseberry fool, gooseberry pie, gooseberry jam, gooseberry crumble…

“There is no way of eating a gooseberry that isn’t a divine experience.

“Looks like you’re getting some gooseberries!”

Monty Don’s Japanese Gardens airs tonight at 7pm on BBC Two.

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