Carol Klein demonstrates how to sow Foxglove seeds

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On the latest episode of Carol Klein’s Summer Gardening, the seasoned gardening expert showed viewers her roses. The variety she showed viewers was an English shrub rose known as Lady Emma Hamilton. This particular rose is known for its strong, fruit scent and delicate blooms.

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While showing off her roses, Carol shared how to keep the plant in “peak condition”.

She said: “To make sure any plant, but especially roses, keep producing flowers, you must constantly deadhead, taking off the old flowers.

“Otherwise, the plant just tries to make seed.

“Once the plant has made seed, or rose hips, then it will cease to flower because it’s actually achieved its function.

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“It’s all about the next generation.

“So, despite the fact this rose seems so forgiving, I am going to smack it first of all.”

By “smacking” the plant, Carol removed any old petals to see exactly where the dead flower heads are.

Carol didn’t touch the flowers that were intact.

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All the flowers that are “finished”, Carol then got to work deadheading.

Deadheading is the practice of removing spent flowers from ornamental plants.

Carol suggested cutting just above the leaf to avoid a big chunk of the plant sticking out which could rot.

She continued: “What this is going to do, hopefully, more buds will form on the inside of these leaves.

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“And eventually, they will produce flowers.”

When cutting off the spent flower heads, Carol suggested cutting at an angle or a “slope”.

She said: “The reason you make a sloping cut rather than cutting straight across is because it helps any rain run off it.

“So, the stem is in no danger of rotting.”

Carol said roses are the “epitome” of summer with their delicate scent and bright blooms.

She added: “If you love your roses – and who doesn’t? – then you want to give them the kind of care they need to make them the very best they can.”

Carol Klein’s Summer Gardening can be streamed on My5.

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