Houseplants: RHS advises on watering techniques

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Certain houseplants can be fussy customers when it comes to their care and positioning. Some like lots of sunlight while others prefer to be in shady areas. For those looking to create a “sunny haven” in a dark home, resident services manager Kimberley Pope, at Grainger plc’s Weavers Yard development in Newbury, has shared a handy “mirror” hack to create an environment for your houseplant to “thrive” in.

The indoor plant expert also shared three essential hacks for looking after houseplants at home this summer.


Many houseplants love sunlight which they need to “grow and thrive”.

However, homes that have limited natural light will need to be creative to mimic a flooded with sunlight.

She said: “A great tip to combat this is through the use of mirrors.

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“By strategically placing mirrors around your apartment, you enable light to reflect into the home, creating a sunny haven for your plants to grow.

“Placing mirrors opposite dark corners not only allows more natural light to be absorbed by the plants, it also naturally brightens the home and creates a more spacious feel in your apartment.”


Some houseplants will need more water than others which can be difficult if you’re frequently away from home.

A “great option” for this is using self-watering tools, particularly if your life involves regular holidays or trips away from home.

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A plant water globe, for example, is a handy tool that slowly releases water to drip into the plant, feeding it for up to two weeks.

Ms Pope added: “Watering globes come in a range of funky colours and designs, so you can pick up one that matches the aesthetic of your apartment.

“Self-watering plant pots are also a great option if you’re frequently travelling or forgetful when it comes to watering your plants.

“Designed to allow plants to draw up water as and when required, self-watering plant pots have a reservoir of water which the roots absorb to ensure the soil maintains a consistent level of moisture.”

Go for low maintenance

Many people find houseplants difficult to look after, even when they spend extended time at home.

To create a jungle aesthetic without the fuss of tricky houseplants, Ms Pope suggested choosing “low maintenance options”.

These plants can cope for long periods of time without water and are great at looking after themselves.

She said: “A couple of easy-to-keep houseplants include the Sansevieria snake plant and the Spathiphyllum plant, also known as the peace lily.

“These require low intervention and minimum light exposure, so can survive in darker corners of your apartment or in the bathroom.

“The snake plant helps to filter indoor air, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen at night and regulating a healthy airflow in the home.

“Peace lilies are known to promote restful sleep and a productive environment.

“Whilst both are low maintenance, these plants provide a host of benefits for the home.”

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