Homebase share tips on how to fix lawn bare patches

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A green garden lawn with stripes is every British gardeners’ summer goal. However, torrential rain, garden furniture and heatwaves can take their toll on a garden lawn, especially if it’s not well-maintained. Bare patches can appear if a lawn is over-raked, when the grass is undernourished or if it’s been worn out.

These patches need to be fixed otherwise weeds and moss can take over the exposed soil.

Now, a Homebase gardening expert has shared how to fix bare patches in your lawn.

In a video for Homebase UK in 2012, the expert shared a handy technique which is both “quick and easy” and could see grass start to regrow within a week.

The expert said: “Bare patches on the lawn not only ruin its appearance, they can also create muddy areas in wet weather.

“You could repair the area with grass seed but this can take a while to establish and may not give you the best results.

“Products like Patch Magic, are quick and easy to apply and will show growth in around a week.

“It consists of a special mix of high-performance grass seed, miracle grow plant food and a super absorbent growing material which expands when water’s applied.

“To surround and protect the seed, simply remove any dead grass and stones with a springtime rake and gently loosen the soil.

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“Apply the mix to a depth of around three millimetres. You then need to keep the mixture moist.

“If it’s dark brown it’s moist, if it’s light brown it needs some water.

“If there’s no rain, then apply some water.

“These products are only intended for small areas so you may need to consider replacing the whole lawn.”

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Miracle-Gro Patch Magic Grass Seed Feed & Coir Shaker is available to purchase from Homebase for £9.95 and Wilko for just £8.

The product claims to provide coverage for around 13 patches so can be used across a large space.

However, if your lawn has too many bare patches, it may need completely replacing.

Rather than using grass seed, one of the best ways you can do this is by laying turf.

Homebase sell classic fresh turf rolls for £5 each.

Turf is best laid in mid-autumn but can be put down between mid-autumns and late winter.

Gardeners will need to make sure their soil is not too wet or frosty.

You won’t need to mow it very often in spring and autumn.

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