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If you’re looking to take a more sustainable approach with your interiors, Dunelm’s new conscious choice range might be the way to go.

Did you know that just under a third of people (30%) have thrown away furniture, electrical items and homewares that could have been re-used, sold or donated?

Quality items in good condition continuously go to waste and with the rise of fast homeware, this sees no sign of stopping.

One way to help curb that is by shopping sustainable items and repurposing, selling or donating products you no longer use – and one homeware retailer attempting to put sustainability at the forefront is Dunelm.

The brand has just launched its new conscious choice homeware collection, which aims to help customers make “more thoughtful purchasing decisions” and to find homewares that last longer and are made from more sustainable materials.

Dunelm conscious change collection

Dunelm conscious change collection

The initial launch consists of more than 800 products for the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen, in addition to children’s homeware pieces, accessories and decorative items.

According to the retailer, all conscious choice products will meet sustainability-driven criteria, from the materials used to make them to the anticipated length of the life of the product once it reaches a customer’s home. 

Materials used include recycled glass, organic fabrics and responsibly sourced timber which have a lower environmental impact than our conventional alternatives or virgin materials. 

Dunelm conscious change collection

Dunelm conscious change collection

Dunelm conscious change collection

Nick Wilkinson, CEO of Dunelm, said: “Our conscious choice products are intended to give our customers more opportunities to make informed choices.Operating more sustainably is one of our key ambitions as a business and conscious choice will continue to evolve as we learn more and develop more sustainable materials and production processes.”

Now, 800 products are a lot to choose from – so we’ve selected a few pieces that we have our eye on right now.

  • Zen jacquard cushion

    Dunelm zen jacquard cushion

    This cushion features a beautiful jacquard design in a choice of stunning colours and features a Japanese-inspired trailing leaf pattern in bold tones.

    Shop Zen jacquard cushion, £15


  • Lemon ultimate towel

    Dunelm Lemon ultimate towel

    This cheery yellow towel is made from 100% cotton and will keep you warm with its soft, plush fabric with excellent absorbency.

    Shop Lemon ultimate towel, £20


  • White bamboo bath rack

    Dunelm white bamboo bath rack

    Crafted from lasting wood with a white painted finish, this bath rack features a simple yet stylish design and is great for bringing you extra bathroom storage.

    Shop Dunelm white bamboo bath rack, £10


To shop Dunelm’s conscious choice product range online, visit the website.

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