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Christmas is just over a month away which means many people who purchase fresh trees will start to think about buying one. With the cold weather setting in and the heating up, it is important to make sure a Christmas tree lives as long as possible.

Party decoration supplier, Ginger Ray, has teamed up with Mark Rofe, owner of Christmastrees.co.uk, to figure out exactly when Britons should be putting up their Christmas trees.

Mark said: “Traditionally Christmas trees should be put up on either November 28, December 13 or on Christmas Eve.

“However, since the creation of artificial trees, and newer varieties of real Christmas trees that last longer, people have been putting up their Christmas trees much earlier.

“When Christmas trees first came into use in the Victorian era, many people chose to wait, to ensure that their Christmas decorations would be as beautiful as possible for Christmas Day, but it seems today people aren’t too concerned about this factor.

“Truthfully, you can put up your Christmas tree whenever you would like, but like all plants, Christmas trees begin to wilt a certain amount of time after being cut.

“For extra longevity, some types of trees will last longer than others.”

The expert recommended the Nordmann Fir which is known as the “non drop Christmas tree” or Fraser Fir.

Jess Martin, decoration expert at Ginger Ray, said: “Christmas trees are often the most important part of our Christmas decor which we spend valuable time and money on in order to get it just right.

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“With Christmas festivities beginning earlier every year, more and more trees are making an appearance from as early as the very first day of November. 

“Stars such as Tan France puts his Christmas tree up on October 31 every year!

“However, it’s important to remember that real trees will only be looking their best for a limited amount of time, meaning that there may be such a thing as too early after all.”

To help your Christmas tree last as long as possible, the experts have top tips for ensuring it makes it past Christmas Day.

The experts recommend cutting the base to allow the tree to take in water more easily.

They added: “Purchase a tree stand with a water reservoir…some people will choose to put their cut Christmas tree inside a bucket filled wit soil, however, as the tree has no roots this will prevent it from getting the water that it requires.

“So it’s important you purchase a Christmas tree stand with your tree which is specially designed to not only hold your tree in place but also holds water which keeps the tree hydrated.”

Christmas trees should also be kept away from direct heat.

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The experts recommend keeping the tree topped up with water and away from heat such as radiators and underfloor heating.

This is because heat will dry out the Christmas tree, meaning its lifespan will be reduced.

The experts added: “Whilst it can be tempting to go for maximalist decorations for the tree, you should make sure you aren’t weighing down the branches too much or damaging the needles.

“Try opting for decorations that can be tied onto the branches to avoid having to thread them on which can knock off the foliage.”

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