How to remove weeds and moss from lawns

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A lawn care pro from Hiller Garden Centres has shared the “best” way to remove weeds from lawns. Weeds on lawns can make even a well-maintained garden lawn look untidy and unkept. Pesky weeds can be difficult to remove, and often reappear despite being pulled out by gardeners.

However, the gardening expert suggested using a “dedicated lawn weed killer” to tackle the problem.

The lawn care expert said: “Moss and weeds are a common problem in lawns and spring is the best time to start tackling them.

“Weeds such as thistles and dandelions are deep-rooted so are hard to remove by hand.

“It’s best to target them with a dedicated lawn weed killer.”

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The expert said moss is “best removed” with a product that kills weeds, moss and feeds lawns.

It’s “best” to apply products like these with a spreader after mowing the grass.

He continued: “The key is to set the spreader to the correct setting.

“It should be a light sprinkling not a fast flow.

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“Check the bag for instructions on the best coverage.”

Once the lawn is covered, it needs to be watered within 48 hours if there hasn’t been any rainfall.

After a couple of days, any moss on the lawn will begin to turn black.

Around a week to a fortnight later, the dead moss and weeds can be raked out.

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Recently, new products have become available that include a moss-digesting bacteria.

These products break down the moss in the lawn and form fertiliser which helps keep the grass green.

Using a product like this also means gardeners are not required to rake the lawn afterwards.

Black patches of moss also won’t appear on the lawn unlike when using a more traditional moss killing method.

The lawn care expert said a lawn can be “instantly transformed” by edging it.

The expert recommended using a half moon edger to give the lawn a sharper edge and tidy up the lawn.

Any long grass that’s missed by the mower can be tided up using a pair of edging shears.

“Your lawn should now be in peak spring condition and given the perfect start and ready for use all summer,” they added.

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