Cameron Diaz visited Kelly Clarkson on her show to promote her Avaline wine. Man, I love Kelly, but she is still talking over her guests too much. She stepped on so many of Cameron’s comments, it was hard to figure out what Cameron said vs. what Kelly planted in the conversation. They started off talking about Cameron’s love of parenting her two-year old daughter Raddix. Kelly asked if Cameron got frustrated with the common toddler tantrums like most people do. Cameron took a much more analytical approach and said she saw it as her role to figure out what was behind the child’s frustration and help her voice it. She also said it was important to “repair.” So that when she loses her cool with Raddix, she apologizes and lets her daughter know that sometimes “mommy’s human too.”

Cameron Diaz is opening up about the challenges and rewards of parenting.

During a Monday appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Diaz — who shares daughter Raddix, 2, with husband Benji Madden — told host Kelly Clarkson that motherhood is “the best thing I’ve ever done in life.”

Still, there have been times where the Golden Globe nominee, 49, has lost her cool.

When Clarkson, 40, asked about those moments when parenting can be frustrating, Diaz said that she does her “mom checklist” and tries to understand what Raddix might be feeling.

“Did she eat? Is she tired? What time is it? When was the last time she ate? When did she nap? You just kind of start there, and you go, ‘What just happened? Is there something she’s trying to communicate to me?’ ” Diaz explained.

“And I feel like as a parent, my job is to just help her find the words to her emotions, her experience, what she’s going through and be able to help her identify that and move through it.”

Still, Diaz admitted that moments like these can be “challenging.”

She added, “But you know what’s also really imperative — to repair. Like if you do blow up, just to repair that and say, ‘Oh my God, mommy lost her s—‘ And, ‘I didn’t mean to say that to you. If I hurt your feelings or if I upset you, I just want you to know that mommy’s human too.’ “

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Cameron said that because she’s an older parent and because she waited and worked so hard to have a baby, it’s easier for her to be as Zen as she is in her approach to outbursts. I was considered an older parent too and I did not get the chill out memo. I think Cameron’s personality is probably more along this line of how she approaches a situation. I can’t believe a two-year-old makes anyone more rational, but maybe that’s just my experience. Cameron also had her baby during quarantine and they got to spend a lot of time together. I’ll bet that’s made a big shift in parenting as well.

I agree with the apologizing part. It’s not easy, but I think parents need to apologize to kids when it’s appropriate. Some parents apologize too much or for the wrong things, but there are also parents who believe they should never apologize and that’s devastating to children. I don’t know how good I was about doing it when mine were two, but I’m pretty good about it now. The cool part is, it’s reciprocal. And there’s few things better than a teenager who apologizes, unsolicited, when they’ve messed up.

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